Friday, 11 September 2009

Hand dyed and hand spun

Remember a while back I had a couple of posts on my dyeing adventures ? And I had selected some fibres to spin during a weekend... Well, I don' t know about you but week after week have gone by and I haven't noticed. Or actually, I did notice but I haven't figured out yet how to stop time and fit all I want to do in a 24 hour day. So here we are with those fibres, all spun into some singles.

First up I have this set of 4 different fibres: cotton, silk+merino, bamboo and pure merino which I dyed all with the same dye in a scarlet color but with 4 different results:

Clicking on the links above will give you individual pictures.

The wooly ones I have used in felting projects for accents of lines and they work really well. Cotton, as far as I know, doesn't felt, but it's great for weaving, knitting, crochetting, etc.

Merino and Silk blends, unique skeins!

Caribbean waters:

Purple Dusk:

Spanish Spices:

Mandarinas y Cerezas (Tangerines and Cherries):

There are more to come that are already spun and ready to be transformed into something. These ones are all in my DaWanda shop now but remember that I do take private orders as well! Just contact me:

Remember to sign up for the Give Away of the three pendants next week. Which color next for the seed hand bags? So far turquoise seems to be leading the way... leave your comment here.

It' s movie time now!!!!


Anonymous said...

Luscious colours!!!
Singles - what is it, does it mean that you didn't ply it? doesn't it twist then?

Anonymous said...

Luscious colours!!!
Singles - what is it, does it mean that you didn't ply it? doesn't it twist then?

ArtMind said...

OMG, I'm drooling! Love all these colors and want to touch 'em really! :)

viltk said...

ziet er zo verleiderlijk uit! Prachtige kleuren!

florcita said...

Monika they haven' t been plied, indeed. They don' t twist because I have already set the twist before... To ply you actually have to first put a whole lot of twist to one side to later you "untwist" plying spinning to the other side...does that make sense?? hahaha
Mitsy I owe you an email! I just got today my computer back so Im catching up!
The yarns are incredibly soft. I thought of you for a couple of very green ones, cotton... super yummy.

Tweed Delights said...

Seriously tempted by your yarn - Aaaaargh! :)

painted fish studio said...

they're all so beautiful! what could i knit, what could i knit, how would i chose?!

Joei Rhode Island said...

Don't knit ... no time...but the yarns are fantastic colors. Did you use veggie dyes on these?
Love the bag pattern, too.

florcita said...

Alison hahaah I saw you couldn' t fight your temptation!
Jen thanks! I saw you are " weak" too! :)
Joei No, not these ones I'm afraid. These were just the consecquence of me helping a friend dye some sheets. So I used her commercial dyes...

Joei Rhode Island said...

Great consequences!! LOL

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