Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Hand dyed Fibres

Hand dyed Fibres
Originally uploaded by Marian Florcita

This is what I' ve been up to: dyeing wool, cotton, silk and bamboo.

Last week a friend called me because she was going to dye some stuff for her kids and she wanted some help... so I came along with some wool...I thought...hey... let's try, why not? Even though we were using commercial dyes -and my goal is to learn to make my own dye baths with natural dye stuff, i.e: plants- I wanted to try.
Anything that involves colors leaves me amazed as if I were staring at a miracle! hahaha I know, like a little kid.
So happy I was, when I came home I had to try for myself. And now that they are dry...I' m spinning like there is no tomorrow! This is addictive!!!!

Click on the mosaic to see pictures with more detail.

Oh yes, and a new Lily Seed hand bag tomorrow!


Lily Pang said...

They are fabulous! Such wonderful colors and more over, they are dyed with plants.

Mariana said...

Qué lindos colores! Me encanta todo lo que haces, tiene estilo, es diferente a lo que se ve usualmente! Paso siempre por aca.
Saludos, otra Mariana

Tweed Delights said...

How amazing and exciting! The colours are absolutely gorgeous :)

florcita said...

Lily! no wait! these ones weren' t dyed with plants but chemical/commercial dyes. Pigments. But soon,soon it ill be with plants.
Mariana, hola! bienvenida! Gracias por los halagos! :)
Tweedy, thanks! it iw exciting because here I sit looking at them wondering...what do I do next!!!!!

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