Thursday, 26 June 2008

Quick post!

Just to show you one last storage bag I made yesterday with this gorgeous deep yellow merino, and trying my luck here, I needle felted some brown yarn, and hand stitched a nice striped cotton flower to it. I even added some beads!!

here somew pics:

Already at my Dawanda shop.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Hand felted flower brooches

Well, i just finished an order (that came from a contact outside my e-shops) for 15 flower- brooches. I hd fun macking them, mainly because this funky art loving person whom asked me to do them, wanted unusual flowers, not the typical daisy (I suppose it is a daisy...botanics, not my thing). So I did some shapes that resembled flowers and I handstitched motifs, attached beads, mixed fibers and colors...and I liked the result! Luckily, so did the client.

Now I have a problem. I've run out of brooch pins and the place where I bought these other ones -now gone with the brooches- doesn't carry them anymore... anybody out there reading (I know there are some people, I can see countries and all! hahaha) sells supplies, knows of a good supplier...ideas??? Thanks!!!

anyway, here some pictures...

Monday, 23 June 2008

Felted storage bags

Ah! it' s been a while, I know. Been super busy..who hasn't!
One of the things that kept me from updating the blog was the purchase of a new wardrobe. The kid is growing and so are his clothes, so away with baby small, cutesy armoire...and in with a new big huge-wall-to-wall massive one. Great to have so much storage. However, have you noticed how the more storage room you have, the more stuff you seem to find to store in a few months it is all full again?? Happens often here. And then the husband starts yelling...why do we have so much stuff! when did we get this...and that!? and...we all know this story, right?

One of the inconvenients of big wardrobes are big drawers. Well, not an inconvenient per se, only that my kid' s little socks kept getting lost in there. So, in a fabulous moments of ingenuity, I thought of felting some bags to store them. Adding color to a boring piece of furniture wont be bad either... better yet, it helps me keep everything organized. I'm not organized so I need all the help I can find.

I felted some more to store my yarn and some bits and pieces of felts that are always in bags and laying on my working top. Organization!! ...or trying...

The first one is made of black merino wool and the little -very minimalistic- trees where needlefelted onto it.

This one was made with fire red merino wool and the stripe in the middle is actually a very colorful soft silk, with colors like yellow, white, pink and orange mixed up.

Already for sale at my shops on DaWanda and Etsy.

(different colors, amount, sizes? all is possible!)

Any feedback is welcome!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


I admit this is a very free interpretation of what an orchid looks like... I know. Botanists are coming after my head! I know.
I like them a lot. I found, a few days ago, this beautiful rainbow dyed silk which I applied to the top of a mount of soft orange merino wool. YUM! I hand sew some black beads to one, and the second one, a bit smaller, has black, transparent and orange beads. They reflect the light and kinda glow a bit.
To my own surprise, I'm falling in love with orange! I've always been partial to very fiery favorite color. However, I'm giving orange a chance. Must be because the dutch football team is winning like crazy (so far) and the streets of this country are full with orange flags. It's contagious.

I use this type of hand felted brooches to embellish just about anything My own clothes (on those days that I just look too boring, the brooches add that extra something), curtains, bags... they same style of flower (without the pin in th back) can be attached to pillows and things like that... just use your imagination!

They are now on both my shops: Florcita Dawanda and Florcita Etsy

Monday, 16 June 2008


Well, so famous already! LOL not really. Andreanna from Glamasaurus was very kind and published a little interview with me on her blog. Clicky here if you wish to read it.

I highly recommend checking out her blog, not because of my interview, but because it is really interesting. At the same time, I would stop by her shop too, If I were you ;)

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Lots going on!

Hello! I'm back after some very very wet vacation in southern France. Unbelievable... it was supposed to be warm and dry... it was the absolute opposite. However, the place is stunning with or without sun. The food delicious and the people friendly, so we stayed and had a good time.

I've been working, among other things, on wet felted wall hangings. I got this silky wool and I am loving it. At the same time I am also getting my website ready. Not completely done yet, as I have to do everything in dutch, english and spanish. But you can still take a look at it: or www.florcita. nl

I just listed on my Dawanda shop, some new cards made with very colorful cardstock and a range of materials like fabrics, origami paper, copper paper, beads and woody stars.

There are more pics and more cards to see in the shop! Florcita
Do stop by!