Monday, 23 June 2008

Felted storage bags

Ah! it' s been a while, I know. Been super busy..who hasn't!
One of the things that kept me from updating the blog was the purchase of a new wardrobe. The kid is growing and so are his clothes, so away with baby small, cutesy armoire...and in with a new big huge-wall-to-wall massive one. Great to have so much storage. However, have you noticed how the more storage room you have, the more stuff you seem to find to store in a few months it is all full again?? Happens often here. And then the husband starts yelling...why do we have so much stuff! when did we get this...and that!? and...we all know this story, right?

One of the inconvenients of big wardrobes are big drawers. Well, not an inconvenient per se, only that my kid' s little socks kept getting lost in there. So, in a fabulous moments of ingenuity, I thought of felting some bags to store them. Adding color to a boring piece of furniture wont be bad either... better yet, it helps me keep everything organized. I'm not organized so I need all the help I can find.

I felted some more to store my yarn and some bits and pieces of felts that are always in bags and laying on my working top. Organization!! ...or trying...

The first one is made of black merino wool and the little -very minimalistic- trees where needlefelted onto it.

This one was made with fire red merino wool and the stripe in the middle is actually a very colorful soft silk, with colors like yellow, white, pink and orange mixed up.

Already for sale at my shops on DaWanda and Etsy.

(different colors, amount, sizes? all is possible!)

Any feedback is welcome!


reya said...

love the black bag...very minimalistic!

breezily said...

The bags could be made to fit wine glasses, so it would be practical to keep them in a drawer, or take them on a picnic.

Marian said...

Thanks Mrs reya :)

Good idea Breezly! thanks!


Hi Marian,
I came here via via via the blog from Little-Z. I love your storage bags and your style, very creative!