Saturday, 14 June 2008

Lots going on!

Hello! I'm back after some very very wet vacation in southern France. Unbelievable... it was supposed to be warm and dry... it was the absolute opposite. However, the place is stunning with or without sun. The food delicious and the people friendly, so we stayed and had a good time.

I've been working, among other things, on wet felted wall hangings. I got this silky wool and I am loving it. At the same time I am also getting my website ready. Not completely done yet, as I have to do everything in dutch, english and spanish. But you can still take a look at it: or www.florcita. nl

I just listed on my Dawanda shop, some new cards made with very colorful cardstock and a range of materials like fabrics, origami paper, copper paper, beads and woody stars.

There are more pics and more cards to see in the shop! Florcita
Do stop by!

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