Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Give away x 3 -Which color next?

Well, ones computer acting up and going on a strike is really not something one wants. How technology dependant we are! At least us at home.
While the technician tries to settle a deal with the bundle of chips and wires my laptop is; I go on working twice as much because I have more time with wool and less time in front of the screen!

It's been a while since I hosted a give away. It's not a demagogical move it's more of a "being grateful and showing it" move. It's not about how many sales, magazine/blog features and/or adulation I might receive. Naturally we all like those (especially the sales because they provide the cash for more supplies for more experiments and fun ...essential my dear Watson...); but this will be a give away to thank all of those who come here and comment a few lines every time I post something in an attempt to reach out to the big world out there. I don't want to get sappy (or silly) but you are my critics, my crafty support, knowledge source... and laughter fountain... many I've got to know outside the blog and into more friendly base via emails and it just makes ones world so much bigger to talk to people form different places and walks of life. Advantages of technology.

Anyway, without any (more) further blabla... here is the thing: You've all seen my -so far 7- Lily Seed handbags, all in my DaWanda shop now.

So, to participate in this give away, you just have to leave a comment on this post telling me which is the next color -or combination of colors- you would like to see or think would fit this type of bag.
Next week friday 18th, we will draw 3 names from a hat...and each will get one of this little pendants...

The bag resulting from this "collaboration" will also come with a surprise or two :) But that for later!

So...go on... which color is next?


viltk said...

Hi Mariana!
HOw nice of you to do a give away. My favourite is already made: The redshaeds one, but If I have to tip you it'll be a dark blue. Fits to anything!

jschubertdesigns (julie) said...

I'd like to see a deep purple one, with small areas (flecks?) of rust and burgundy and green and gold.
Does that sound too busy?
I'll bet you could make it work!

Tweed Delights said...

Lovely sentiments for a Giveaway, Mariana!
I think you have used 2 of 'the elements' in your colours already - 'earth' (charcoal, moss green and browns) and 'fire' (reds). You could do a 'water' inspired one - blues, greens, turquoise, maybe.

If you did an 'air' inspired one that might be an invisible one so that might not work, hehe :)
I love the little pendants!

Anonymous said...

What about aqua and turquoise as a farewell to the summer?

Digital Misfit said...

I think a combination of white, gray, black, and beige in an abstract birch bark pattern would be perfect for that bag style (I know I would be in love!).

Cor de Roça - Handmade Brazilian Jewelry said...

I think about an "indigo blue" as a "blue jeans" with different colors embroider over it... (I mean like the white embroider you did on mosaic #7 but with many different colors). Not sure if my English is correct! ;-)
Very nice your initiative!
All the best from Brazil!
Your friend, Eveli ;-)

terracota said...

ah....ROJO CON FUCSIA una combinacion que ni hubiera mirado hace unos años... pero, la fuerza de la moda y la costumbre me hacen mirarlo con ganas hoy.
Otra impensada (al menos para mi= es el verde pastel y rosa...quien lo hubiera dicho?

Marian, por favor no te olvides de volver a enviarme tu direccion postal (sorry se fue con el papel de la encomienda anterior=

Lily Pang said...

All the bags are so lovely with very soothing colors!

Next one maybe something like indigo.

Anonymous said...

Hola Marian soy Sil de argentina
(hace unos meses estuvimos en contacto x email), en mi opinion una hecha en violetas , naranjas con toques de aquamarina tendría mucha energía!

painted fish studio said...

yellow! as we're about to enter our grey and cold season, yellow is a color i miss and crave in the winter.

ps: spend more time on wool and less time online! :)

Weird said...

Wow, these bags are gooorgeous! I especially love the green one.


florcita said...

Ok, seems like turquoise is winning.... keep it coming!

ArtMind said...

Oh, I would go for a dark plum one, Mariana- it's the fall color & it's so beautiful! :) Curious what it will be! :)

Carl@ said...

Me encantaria un bolso en color violeta y negro.
Son preciosos tus bolsos

lucsonico fieltro said...
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lucsonico fieltro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ingermaaike said...

Dark purple combined with deep blood red...that is my fave combo.


I think timely "rhubarb" colours would work well ... greeny yellowy pinky ... very pretty for autumn or spring or any time

Good luck with your giveaway
Lovely blog Florcita!

Sunshine and happiness to you


Barbara said...

Soy la ultima??
Me incantan tus bolsos!

SweetbriarStudio (Christie) said...

Gosh, can't believe I almost missed the opportunity! When the weather starts getting cooler, I like deep, chocolate brown with deep rich red. But, being a color addict, I like deep rich red and citrus/acid green, too...and turquoise and red...and, and, and :).

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