Friday, 25 September 2009

Merry Go round- What's next?

It' s time for our Merry-go-round, and this month' s topic is: "What's your next chapter"... well, I have different length answers:

Short Version: lots of projects. I've realized that, whether one goes through with projects or not, having them alone is a strong motivator for improving your own life and work. Lack of projects in your life I think sinks you in a bit of a grey desperation. Been there, not going back.

Long Version: in the short term, I'm leaving to Argentina in a month (as if you haven't read about that yet...). I'm not just going to sit around catching up with family and friends, laying on the beach and doing tourism. I'm going to be teaching, researching the world of wool and different autoctonous fibres over there (like guanaco and llama). Maybe catch a few (more) classes with my old weaving teacher, some stuff about writing books, and a lot of research about dyeing, weaving and design of the orginal peoples (yes, plural) that populated that area, Patagonia, before the europeans arrived. I'm very excited about it. I want to include more of the patterns and designs of the people from my land in my future work.

A middle- length term ahahaha... while Im gone there will be some construction being done for a mini Studio for me, in the garden... with a big fireplace, thank you! I'm tired of moving around the house not ever having enough room for all my tools and materials. I also want to have my own place where I can put a ceramic oven because I'm tired of turning down people who want to buy ceramic pieces from me, but I have nowhere where to make them... I love clay. I've been claying (with more or less success) since I was 5... and I enjoy the combination of clay and wool. Very earthy and natural. I would also like to combine both a bit more.

Long term... well, world domination, obviously! What else? From my Studio/bunker I shall conquer the world of arts and crafts... no? :) Well, this past year I have discovered that the universe had a tricky way of telling me and pushing me down this path. However, this is really what I love doing. I'm happy. I have lots to learn and do... but Im on the right path, I think. I sometimes wish I had a partner in crime because I have loads of projects in my head and when you work on your own sometimes you get no feedback or incentivation...but, oh well... we'll see.

Do read the rest of the entries from the girls in this group. Interesting read Im sure.

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Lily Pang said...

Mariana, so many plans and your hands are really full. I am always enjoying very much reading what you are doing and your plans. They are great inspiration to me. I am very impressed by the determination and your love of art and craft and your talents. I believe you will have new great work from Argentina and in your new studio.

Spotted Sparrow said...

It sounds like you have an exciting journey ahead. :)

Ruth said...

What great adventures lie in your next few chapters! I love the sound of all that you will do in Argentina. Just sounds amazing...and can't wait to read all about them and see the results of your teaching and learning and researching. And then when you come back - lots of new toys to play with! Exciting times!

meherio68 said...

I'm in for world domination! ^.^
At least, that's the kind of project that would keep busy for a while.
You are still going to enjoy 'some' vacation time in Argentina, right?

Easterya said...

What a fabulous plan!! Your research and teaching in Argentina looks like it will shape the rest of your crafting life, and this promises to be fascinating!! I can't wait to see it either!! And world domination, absolutely! :D

Anonymous said...

love them all - short, medium, long term :) - and can you take me with you to Argentina, plz? I will be a good girl :)
Wish you success in whatever you do and wherever you go!

Barbara said...

i loved this post!!
It is good to feel the power coming from you!!
Disfruta de el verano en Argentina y de la ventaja de aprender cosas nuevas, recargar pilas y nueva energia!!
Me he leido todos los posts de las chicas de el grupo!! Muy interesantes.
besos y buen viaje!!
Pero va a seguir escribendo no??

Tweed Delights said...

Hi Mariana - what a great post! It all sounds really exciting and new - love the mixture of fibre and clay :)

Know what you mean by 'partner in crime' - sometimes I wish I had one too. So many ideas - not enough time! Sent you a message via Flickr :)

Jenny said...

I do think that the universe are poking with a long stick to get us in the right direction. Or luring us here and there to meet with people and new experiences that get us forward. Reading this makes me want to learn more things and widen my horizons. I'd love to hear about it all later, native peoples' crafts and all!
Thanks for the inspiration and best of luck with your adventures in Argentina!

'fancypicnic' said...

Flo... I'm leaving you feeling so uplifted!
Your next chapter is already written for you, and you have such great plans! You're a workaholic, I think - but I can tell that is what makes you 'you'. Room in that bunker for a big one? I promise not to make mess (well, much...) xx

Sure you have enough time left for ...that project??

Wendren said...

What a wonderful post. :)

I hope you enjoy argentina. It sounds like it is going to be TONS OF FUN - way more than laying on the beach might be.

To have your own space is everything you hope for it to be - that's all I can say. I am loving having 'my space' that does not infringe on my 'home'. It is great to have that divide and I am sure you will enjoy it.

Wow, but your new chapter sounds so exciting. Good luck, enjoy and learn lots. I cannot wait to read all the posts.

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

You must, you must, you must let me know how you get on in your travels... I am so there with you in spirit!!

Until then may the world domination commence!

I wish you all the luck! And thank you for being so inspirational.

Sara x

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