Sunday, 27 July 2008

A whooole new world

A few weeks ago I introduced the first batch of handpainted canvas bags to my dawanda shop . Within the first week they were gone. There is only one left there. I enjoy very much painting them. It's another medium for my illustrations. You've seen the cards, the handpaitned tiles...well, there are canvas shopping bags now!

This idea came when a friend of mine asked me to 'pimp' one of her regular shopping bags. In the Netherlands sometimes as publicity, you get a canvas bag with the logo of the shop as a present. She didn't want to walk around with the pharmacy logo on it, so we made a nice fabric collage of a bird (stuck with pvc fabric glue, and hand sewn), used some buttons and beads, and she had a new bag... a very pretty one as well! So... the idea developed from there. I went and bought a whole bunch of blank canvas bags in 2 sizes (25x21 and 38x42cm) and started playing.
Collage seems to be something I like doing a lot... drawn to it naturally. So many differente materials around us... using hand felted flowers, lovely simple colorful fabrics, fabric paints and markers I let the imagination flow!
So here they are:

small bag, collage with linen, buttons and a silky lint.

Handpainted red edge and stems with a cotton fabric flower. There are some beads there too, see them?

Handfelted flowers with different shades of purple merino, handodranw stems.

Another fabric collage: orange linen and some funky dotty lint (do you call that lint in english???). Some hand embroidery, simple stitches, there too.

Another small bag. A fabric tree and some red apples (beads) in the centre.

Small bag. Two handpainted red hearts with white dots and beads that sparkle with light.

Singing birds. Handpainted and fabric body. Two mother of pearl buttons for eyes.

This is just a sample. Im working on more. So, what do you think... be honest... what's the worst that could happen?? me banning you?? naaaah. :)

Have a nice sunday!


Ruth said...

I like your bag idea...and obviously others do too to sell them all so quickly. Wondered if you could paint one for me like my logo - that sort of bird and orange style flower?

'fancypicnic' said...

These are fab, Marian...I love the red outlined one! When on earth do you get the time to do all of this, exactly? Mountains of work!! They're lovely...and look - you've got a 'commission', too!!
xx C

'fancypicnic' said...

ok - so i went back for another look....funky orange lollipop trees v groovy. Excellent.

Marian said...

Ruth, I could paint on a canvas bag your logo... exactly what your avatar shows. Birdland and the bird and flower. I would need you to send me a larger file of that avatar so i can print (1000pixels wide... something good enoought for me to print and use as guide). Naturally same colors, same price same everythng.Convo me at


Charlotte... I work all day. The weather has been horrible so Im inside a lot... and I work. It's what's left of me after quiting my day job, a constant need to do something..well, not constant. Today I had a nap in gthe sun. I have the tan to show!!!
Glad you like 'em!

Lily Pang said...


Yes, they are so cute! I image, it will definitely look gorgeous if you collage it in a big canvas for hang.

Congratulations on the sales!

reya said...

Great stuff Mariana!

Marian said...

Lily! you keep giving me good ideas!!! this is something I should try!

Reya, merci!