Monday, 21 July 2008

Look around Dawanda III

Well, here we are again. Still dealing with the whole sinus thing, goes on. Just with absolutely no fragrance, smells...good or bad. A world without perfumes... my nose is still numb.I couldn't take it anymore in bed, so I got up and cooked dinner yesterday. I almost killed the husband and the kid with an overdose of sambal*. I didn't realize that just because I can't taste it -due to the nose thing- theyactually can. No, sambal is not gone bland. One spoon is enough...or even too much. They did taste it and didn't take it. Ended up eating fish and chips.
I was sent back to bed with no dinner.
But it is time to take a look around Dawanda... *applause* Watch your step, look out for puddles because it has been rainning here in Europe for weeks so...bring your paraplui/umbrella/paraguas.

PAPER GOODS this week! a sketchbook is all I had in bed (the laptop was confiscated by my husband who lacks the "compasion for sick people" chip, apparently) and some crazy drawings came out. Must be the drugs... I was (am) on a peniciline trip.

Here we go:

First off a friend from Argentina, who often has to "read" me vent in a flow of free association emails. Very popular in Dawanda and in her own right, because her art is simply beautiful. La Srta Pil has introduced these past days a new line of products, gorgeous handmade, handpainted dolls with a papier mache body and beautiful delicate hand sewn clothes.

Next up is Lilypang, from Singapore. I always try to check her shop and blog because she produces the most gorgeous prints. The shapes and combination of colors always seem perfect to me. Although she has many prints and originals for sell, I love this"Mischievous and Passionate Print"...fabulous woman!

"Roasty the dragon" comes from the Stick Nymph shop. I love all these stick faeries, cats and dragons, just beautiful!

From Studio Mela comes this colorful, insightfull and fun print. I like the poster type art with short, consice and smart lines. Just to hang somewhere in your house where you walk by daily ...and on those days just right to give you the needed kick to get going...

And last, but not least... Inikasplayground has some really cool little monsters and fun, colorful and super detailed illustrations. This little pic will probably not show much, but there is so much detail in the flowers! really worth taking a look...

And that is it... well, in my pinboard I have many more paper good entries but, can't put ' em all here!
Hope you liked it...
Now to blow my nose...

*sambal is a veeeeery spicy condiment from south east Asia. Came to The Netherlands via its colonies in Indonesia. It's basically -I think- chilly peppers and other peppers as well. Hot. Very hot.


Lily Pang said...

Marian, Thank you so much for featuring me!

The items you choose are so special! I love the "Be Happy" one. It is so right.

'fancypicnic' said...

Lovely choices (the doll is beautiful!) - and good to see you're feeling (a bit) better! xx Charlotte

La Srta Pil said...

Marian, thanks for featuring my Anna, you are a doll!
well you back to the road!

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Some more great finds from DaWanda!

Marian said...

You are welcome Lily. YEah, that's why I like's somthing we should all remember!
Charlotte...Im trying. i do feel better actually. I wish I could just stay in bed...:) but well, life goes on.
SrtaPil, de nada. Era hora de que usted aparezca nombrada en el blog.
Hey Sara! Yeah...nice stuff, uh?

Half-an-Acre said...

i love that dragon print! thanks so much for featuring the seller! obviously you know how much our family are into dragons and such things! I've got a link to you in my latest post - i've linked to your blog - let me know if you'd rather it was to your shop. its only a 'mini link' though. I'm still now geered up for the 'featuring' posts yet! those are yet to come!

Kay Petal said...

Hi Marian - It's Kay (feltalive) from the Felting Forum. I spent some time poking around your blog today - I love it!

Oooo - I had the sinusitis a couple of months ago - misery! I hope you feel better soon. Your taste and smells will come back. I lost my taste (all of it) for 6 months from cancer treatment - sensory deprivation is no fun at all!

OK! Just wanted to say hi and keep up the beautiful felt-making! Kay

Half-an-Acre said...

thanks for the picture help - i can do what you mentioned - but can't get the typing next to it ... i'll work it out eventually.

I asked my husband about gnomes and he say "Don't be stupid, they don't exist".
What can you do, eh?!!!

Marian said...

Well, blogger is sabotaging my own comments! Where is it!!!

Kay, im glad you came here! I have been working on felt, just not ready yet to put up. Tasteless life is no fun at all, really. I hope you are feeling better now!

Half-an-acre. No gnomes. Wha...? Yes there aaaare. We have them here in The Netherlands! maybe they dont like England. Dunno. I mean the dutch weather is so much better...........................................not really.
Well, a cousin of a friend of the neighbour of my sister in law, saw one. :P

Good luck with the pics...

Kirsty said...

Oh you've got lots of goodies in that list...I'm off to have a peek.

Marian said...

Hey Kirsty! lots of great things indeed!