Monday, 28 July 2008

Look arounda Dawanda IV

I love glass beads. I love the colors. I love watching people make them... seeing the red hot glass swirling around... people seem so concentrated and relaxed when they are doing it. I can't wait to have the chance to learn it myself. Im hoping to do so soon at the same Atelier where I go learn ceramics, Maud's Keramiek Atelier en Galerie

In the meantime, I'm always looking for nice beads at Dawanda. So, this time in "A look around Dawanda IV" I bring theeeeee... beads!

Just look at the colors and shapes. Aren't these all just precious!

From Julie 1508 comes the lila/yellow donut

From Smauggs

From Miss Pfeuffer's beads:

From Linakhan

From cdlampwork

All these wonderful artisans have more great glass treats at their shops, so do go visit them...


Lily Pang said...

They are so beautiful and lovely! I wonder how they are made. Do you need tool and high temperature? I really want to learn!

Marian said...

well, what ive been told is that you get this glass sticks (they have another name but I can't remember) and they get heated up with a flame (a gass tank is needed). Glass melts with high temperatures and becames more liquid. When it is like that thye get rolled around another metallic stick. Pulling, rolling, pushing... you get shapes.
i hear the most difficult thing to do is to work with different colors because when glass is hot, it is all red. No matter what real color will be when it dries, when it is hot, itÅ› red. So, you have to reallyremember what you put where!

I want to learn too!

'fancypicnic' said...

Aren't these gorgeous? Love the Linakhan one.

thefunkyfelter (a.k.a. Shalana) said...

so pretty!
I especially like the one from Linakhan as well :)

Marian said...

Linakhan seems to be a favorite!

La Srta Pil said...

hola! Cuanto color!, full of colors, love the star! and of course yours choices.

I LIVE IN THE said...

i love glass beads! i have a long string of one's i'm collecting so i'm going to enjoy checking out these shps.

R.E linkreferral - you don't have to review any shops at all if you don't want to - people will still review yours - that's the beauty of it.

Lily Pang said...

Thank you for sharing the method of making glass jeweleries! I am bit scared of the hight temperature part. It is hot here in Singapore.

Magriet said...

Fantastic beads. I would love to learn to make my own lampwork beads, but it'll have to wait just a wee little bit :)