Saturday, 26 July 2008

Saturday's shopping list

This is a great idea. We all do it already! Charlotte from Fancypicninc was telling me how on saturdays she likes to do some "armchair shopping", as she calls it. Browse around etsy and mark a few goodies for later... for when we can break the piggy and endulge in some real shopping. So, she came up with the idea of making every saturday a list and share it with the rest of you. It is impossible for everyone to see and know every item in Etsy, or Dawanda for that matter. So this way we share our finds and who knows... maybe more people want to join in the fun??? *hint hint* This is open to everyone who wants to participate. It isnt difficult. You just have to post pictures of these finds and a link to their shop. We agreed on contacting the seller too to let them know that we've featured their product...kinda the nice thing to do.

(first time I do this and im having some trouble placing the collage itself...and blogger refuses to help, so... patience... :) If you click on the mosaic, it takes you to a bigger pic! )

Anyway... in honour of my favourite band, my first collage of goodies follows the theme "Green"

"Green is the colour"

(from top to bottom-left to right)

1.Mexican Garden Necklace by TortillaGirl at 2.Tourqoise and Yellow Bracelet 3.Pipyr ACEO Field study print 4. Happy dance Stained glass Banner 5.Country Road Roving 6.Tulip designer Yarn 7.Rustic green and blue Kyanite Faceted Spears 8.Yellow Turquoise Heishi 9.Apple jacket hand Knit green 10.My city OOAK chushion cover 11. Peruvian Amazonite Tiny Gaspeite Sterling... 12.Deep sea treasury 13. (centre) Button bowl

Do click on the links to go to the respective shops.

Tell me what you think... and...anybody know which band it is that has a song called like that?? Noooo, no googling!! :P

Have a nice weekend! lots of new goodies on Monday!!!!


Marian said...

By the way, etsy blocked my conversation feature because of spam alert. Yay! so I havent been able to let everbody know. Sorry. i dont know how long this will take until it is reactivated.
well, kinda blew up in my face, didnt it?

Alpaca Granny said...

Mariana, thank you so much for including me in your lovely Saturday feature. Looks like fun - to do a Saturday Etsy Special, sort of like a Treasury.

ana carina said...

Oohh, poor you! You should have changed the convos a little bit before you send them, so the bot wouldn't think it was spam...

Thank you Mariana! Beautiful choices you have there, I'm so proud to be in the middle of them!

Marian said...

Maple, you are welcome! I love your wool! I cant wait to get some $$ so I can get a bunch of your softies! You can join in the fun!

AnaCarina... yeah, I see this now. I was silly enough to try to do everything fast and go outside and play in the sun, and copied and pasted. stupid, I know. Now im waiting for someone in Etsy to be kind enough to let me go and contact the rest of the list!
Glad you like it!

'fancypicnic' said...

Hey - great list! Next week we should get a bit quicker!! Thanks for getting this list together so quickly ..thanks to all of those who've managed to at such short notice. Let's keep spreading the word for next Saturday!

Loving the good to find these things that I haven't come across before! We've all picked such a vast range of different products. Great!

Anyone else want to join in with the fun? Contact me and I'll add you to the list!

Half-an-Acre said...

cool! I love that knitted apple in there! can you tell me how I do that thumbnail thingy? then i can join in too!!

.:*:. Ferípula .:*:. said...

y grita de alegria cuando el vientito le da en la cara....

Qué lindo lo que escribiste en mi blog.
Sí, es saludable tu forma de vivir la vida!!!
Y...en colores verdecitos...mejor!!!!

A mí me encantan los naranjas mezclados con malva...y un touch de yellow!!!
Besos y buen domingo!!! ♥

Lily Pang said...

It is so lovely!

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