Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Tiled Art: hand painted porcelain tiles

I can not stop experimenting with different things. It's in my nature. Sometimes people say to me that I should maybe stick to one thing only...and I understand their point. But to me, creating isnt about selling or just pleasing an audience. I am very curious. I experiment. I am always open to learn new things, mix it all up in my head and try something that maybe will take the technique a bit further. Imagine that if there werent people with that type of drive, not much would have been achieved in human history, right? Not like I am comparing myself to that type of geniuses! haha!

Anyway, a visit to a hardware store, ussually going along with my husband, can bring many surprises. We, crafters, artisan...artists... whatever you want to call it, should have a visit like this scheduled per month.
While my husband was going through power tools and screws and more, I found there, on a corner, all alone... a box of plain white porcelain tiles. And immediately I thought: could I paint them? Well yes. Nowadays there are a variety of different porcelain and glass paints at artsy shops. And I happened to have some because some time ago I painted some cups (on my dawanda shop). So, I gave it a try. Bought some more colors, tried different barnishes...and voila. (click on the pic for a bigger vieuw!)

I love the colors and how the paints fuse. I also like my little drawings. Some have been waiting in one of my different sketch pads for months! And here they are. I have about 17 different ones so far...all unique hand painted ones. I will be listing them on my dawanda shop.
Because this is the launch of a whole new line, they have a special price...JUST 12 euros!!!

There are more pictures, detailed ones in my shop. Do stop by and check them out! And feedback here is always welcome!


edward and lilly said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by to say hi. I've added you to my bloglines too so I can keep up with what you're creating. You are very lucky to live in The Netherlands, I was there in November and love it so much, it's very beautiful!

Marian said...

thank you!!! Its super warm today so i dont know if we are lucky or what! but it is a good place to live in, indeed!

La Srta Pil said...

I love the birds you make, GREAT GREAT COlors!

Lily Pang said...

These tiles are fantastic! I love the colors. They are really beautiful!

Marian said...

thank you both! im actually very happy with them!