Tuesday, 22 July 2008

On my desk, wednesday

Last week I read on Charlotte's blog her "On my desk wednesday" post, followed the links to Kootoyoo's blog
...as I understand it, she is the one organizing it all! So, I enlisted my self and here we are... wednesday, a look at my desk. Not very difficult really, just a snapshot of what is going on in your desk at mid week, what you are working on.

To be honest with you, my desk is on the third floor of this house and since my kid was born getting there during the day -when I actually work- has proved to be impossible. So, the laptop and -slowly and against my better judgement- boxes with wool, felt, buttons, markers, paint, beads and...who know's what else; have started to come down here and coexist among little cars, lego blocks and small animals. And whatever else because this is the living-dining room.

I can't wait until I can go back to my own working space, alone.... but, til then... my desk is this table. And here a snapshot:

Canvas bags, beads, paint, handfelted flowers...and some more. Nothing finished yet, but soon (hopefully by next week) on my shop. The first canvas shopping bags flew out of my shop, so...here come more.

Who else want to join the "On my desk wednesday" fun?


'fancypicnic' said...

The heart bag is scrummy, Marian! Great to hear the bags are so successful! Still think we should start a 'shopping list saturday' - anyone agree? Not unusual, I know, but we all like a bit of window shopping, don't we?
Look forward to seeing these bags in your shop. xx C

Marian said...

Shopping list saturday sounds fun. What are the "rules". Just dawanda? or also etsy? how many items... you tell me Charlotte dear!

Lily Pang said...

Hi Marian, I also have my studio on my third flower initially. But now, exactly like you, the isle and paints are with the toys in the first floor.

The bags look very lovely! They may also make beautiful cards!

edward and lilly said...

I know what you mean about work spaces, my 'desk' is actually the dining room table :)

Marian said...

Good idea Lily!
Edwward and lilly... Im typing amidst boxes of paint, photo camera, totes, sewing box... all on the dining table. What sucks the most is that I have to pack and put everything neat to the side eveytime I stop. The great thing about having your own workspace is that you can leave everything laying around!

La Srta Pil said...

Hola Mariam i just read your post, and i`m still with a smile on my face, its so true!, i like pretty much the bags, i`ll check your shop right now! .o)

Cherry Lane Jane said...

The same things happened to me. My living room has a corner of my stuff and a lap table I use to sew on when I sit on the couch. I have a huge room all to my crafting self, but then who would watch the kids? So to my husbands dismay my crafts intertwine with the kids toys in the living room!

Great bags!

Mlle Miracle said...

Hola, Marian, aquí Mariana. I have a huge space for crafting but the stuff are divided in two rooms! Es cuestión de re-pensar los espacios para tenerlo todo lo más a mano posible.
¡En eso estamos!
And about joining "On my desk",maybe soon!!!

La Srta Pil said...

Marian tuve que volver a pasar, por que lei el post en Half an Acre y no podia para de reirme, UNA BIBLIA!!!!!!!!,jajajja! gracias por pasarte por mi blog, pasame tu ad, asi lo posteo.