Sunday, 6 July 2008


Yesterday was the birthday of a friend of mine. I struggled all week trying to figure out what to give her. I don't like giving just money in a card, seems very impersonal.
I knew too that, because she is pregnant, she was going to get a lot of presents for the baby, more than for her. Why do people do that?? She is still a woman, pregnant or not!!! Keep the baby presents for the baby shower!
Anyway, I decided to make her something myself.
She came by a few days ago and showed interest in a few necklaces I was making for a client. So I decided to make her one too. Wet felted beads, with some other more starkly beads sewn onto its surface. Wet felted beads can seem very dull sometimes, so I like to add a bit of embellishment.

She likes

It's quite simple..nothing too grand. But cute. And it fits her style.
I thought though, that it wasn't enough. So, inspired by her pregnancy (and maybe because tomorrow it's my son's 2nd birthday so all those pregnancy/birth feelings are very alive now); I made her a handpainted porcelain tile. I asked my husband to make a chunky wooden frame, and this was it:

She comes from Ecuador, so I wrote in Spanish: " un regalo de la vida" which means, "a present from life". I think it sounds better in spanish than in english...aaaaah translations.

Anyway, funnily enough, I got a couple of possible custome orders from the party itself!! It was not my intention but I received many compliments and surprised faces (I guess no one thought I could create! hahaha). And a couple of people asked for my biz card because they would like similar tiles made for themselves!!! yay!!!!!

Anyway, just wanted to share.
nice sunny day today...Im out to the woods!!!

(click the pics for a better view).


ArtMind said...

I love the Spanish language! Sounds so warm! You have made a great birthdaypresent! :)

Marian said...

Thanks Artmind! Spanish is my mother tongue, so when I have to translate I always feel like something gets lost... but anyway...

Lily Pang said...

It is really a great present! So warm and cute!

Everyone will smile when he holds it.

breezily said...

The tile is lovely. It is really great that people were so interested!

Marian said...

yeah, it is great! good for business!