Thursday, 10 July 2008

Shopping bags

A few months ago I saw these blank canvas bags in a shop and bought them immediately with the idea of sewing some pattern onto them later. Months passed and I haven't really had time.
But yesterday, since it keeps raining and one gets little time outside in this watery summer, I took out my fabric paints and tried them out on the bags. Drawing my already known birds to them, ironed on the back to press the paint onto the canvas and adding a few details like a red heart shaped bead to one and my signature little flowers to the handles to both (Florcita: little flower in spanish .... ;) ) ...and done!

And here they are:

The flower canvas bag:

some detail:

And the singing canvas bag:

detail of the heart shaped bead:

They are 38 x 42cm.
Useful to go to the market, be environmentally friendly and take your own bags!
To keep toys and little bits in your kids room.
To keep the bread in a bag in the kitchen...
For your kid, or yourself, to take lunch to school or work...
So versatile! you choose what for. Maybe just a gift for someone...and let that someone decide what the bag is for!

On my Dawanda shop now!


edward and lilly said...

I love the singing one, it is so cute!

Marian said...


reya said...

your birdies are so cute!

friday 25 july...felting day?

Marian said...

thanks Mrs Reya.
25th? I dont know... I thought 18th... lemme check. I'll email you later!