Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Beaded necklaces

Did I mentioned I've been working on some hand felted jewelry? Well, I have. I finished a bunch of necklaces with different techniques. Quite sober, elegant and chic... me thinks. Nothing flashy. I did add some beads of a matching color. Just to add some texture and a bit of light. They don't shine, obviously...It's wool! but as the light reflects on the beads the whole necklace lights up. As much as I love wool, sometimes I think that necklaces made entirely of wool can seem dull. Not always, naturally. I made a chocker entirely or black merino and it looks really nice as it is. Sometimes the simpler, the better.
I have some pictures but they aren't too good. I know it. I've been in bed with the flu (damn changing weather! choose a season already!!!) and haven't really had time or strength to go out and take new pictures. I've been communicating with the world via de computer.
Except for today that I actually got out of my pijamas to go to the "Consultatie Bureau" for my kid's 2 yrs old check up. What a bright kid! hahahaha all answers correct without even doubting. Then he went ahead and peed on a corner of the doctor's office. Hey! if you leave a kid with no clothes on for a couple of minutes, what do you think he is going to do?? And he is a boy, they pee around to mark their territory...like dogs. :P

Anyway, here some pictures. I will get better ones because Im not convinced about these. I listed them on my etsy shop anyways, because otherwise the shop will seem dead with no movement for a few days.

More to come soon... or as soon as my nose clears and Im able to think properly.
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reya said...

i like the texture the of the beads! and i know what you mean about felt being too dull (sometimes) on its own.