Saturday, 2 August 2008

Saturday's shopping list 2

Is it saturday again?? sure?? where did the week go... what did I do this whole week??? For some reason I get the feeling that I spent a lot of time in the supermarket this week...or at least I went too often. Do we eat that much...? apparently.
Well, since I spent all my money in food, my saturday's shopping list has gone from 13 items to...4. Yeah, drastic cuts in the budget :) I actually wanted 6 but Flickr won't cooperate, so it's just 4.

This saturday's list theme is Flowers!

From top left:

Flower brooch by woolyfabulous

Girl and Flower print by Lilypang

Mini cherry Blossom earrings by Jorgensenstudio

Regency Necklet - a textile necklace and bracelet in one by Fancypicnic

I love all of those items. It is a short list but a quality one!
Hope you enjoy it too! Do click on the links and visit the shops...

Have a nice weekend!

Well, the links are all weird...but they wont fix. Since it's too warm to discuss with blogspot... and the links do work, I 'll just leave it like this!


'fancypicnic' said...

Bit cheeky putting me in there!!
Beautiful selection of flowers here!

Thanks for joining in this's to next week. xx

My advice? Stay out of the supermarkets...although their air-conditioning is wonderful! Only joking...

x Charlotte

Marian said...

I swear it was just coincidence. I was looking around and I saw that particular item of your which I hadn't seen before, and I really like the colors, so..there. Not cheecky... fate! hahaahaha

Lily Pang said...


I am glad you like this item of mine. This is very interesting. I am looking forward to the items that you selected.