Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Some more canvas bags

I hope you got a chance to read the article that I sent to the Dawanda Shopping Directory blog. It is still here if you want to take a look.
My first thought when I started to paint this canvas bags was to make something fun for myself and... be green. I try to use as few plastic bags as possible. And reuse the ones I already have.
So, doing an easy thing such as bringing my own bags to the market or supermarket... is not that difficult. I don't know in other countries, but here in The Netherlands bags at the supermarket cos 0,10euros a piece. And you use them once and then throw them away...so you throw away your money as well.
Canvas bags seemed like a nice idea... durable, strong and painted... also fun!
The smaller version (21x25cm) is just cute. I don't think you could fit your shopping there, unless you buy at a miniature store... but you can use it to take your keys, money, cell phone... the few essentials of modern life!
I made a few too which were used as the gift which held more gifts inside, others for little girls' essentials...whichever those are! :) The latest were a whole bunch made as souvenirs for a little girls birthday pijama party. Cool uh?

Anyway, Im already thinking of some designs for autumn/winter ...but here are some new bags I made last week: handpainted, with fabric details, with beads and hand embroidery.

this one you've seen before...

With fabrics and hand embroidery:

the wings are handpainted and with a fabric detail. The trail bellow has beads:

My kid is still a bit sick (ear infection...both ears!) so artsy life is a bit on hold. Im backing... why is it that when someone is sick I bake??? weird... coco muffins and chocolate cake... It's gray outside so a nice cup of tea with chocolate cake ...is quite fitting.


Lily Pang said...

Wish your kid well soon! I am always worried when I bath my daughter that water will go into her ears.

Canvas bag is a good idea for supermarket shopping. Here in Singapore we have one day in a week that you need to pay for getting the plastic bag from supermarket.

The small one is nice. Do you want to put a zip there? It can be used as an intimate cosmetic bag as well.

You are food master as well. I don't know anything about cooking. You make me want to try to make some hot yummy cake with a cup of coffee. Haha...

Marian said...

that is a good idea lily... I should try... i dont know if they would hole it well, but...can always try!
ahh the recipie for the cake is soooo easy! anyone can do it! If I can do it!!! i'll post it later so you can try too!

La Srta Pil said...

Marian i give an award, take a look at my blog, kiss