Wednesday, 13 August 2008

On my desk wednesday!

Yes, wednesday again. Unbelievable. Where did the week go we all ask ourselves... week after week. Nobody knows... but it is half way gone for sure.

But it is the time of the week to shop what's on my desk.
If it is too warm, I ussually don't feel like felting know... wool, sun... it just feels too warm. Plus, considering the little sun we get around here, if it is sunny outside...I am outside as well.
But these apst few days it has been horrible. Warm/cold/rainny/sunny. So I've been inside and I went to check on my stash of wool, see if it is still there, and got the urge of wetfelting a bag.

I did that, and now I am working on some embellishments and ...I have to figure out how is it that Im going to hang it from my shoulders.

But all of this happens while we are harvesting from our garden before it is too late, and turning about 2 kilos of peaches into yummy jam.

So, we are pretty busy these days.
How is everyone doing over there, on the other side of the screen?

oh, sun again... going outside! bye!


Lily Pang said...

I have so much sun here in Singapore. It would be really nice if the weather can be mixed a bit from your side.

Your peach jam is so yummy. You are so talented in food as well. Haha..

edward and lilly said...

The felted bag is so sweet and the peach jam looks delicious. Plenty of sun in Brisbane but it's still too cold for the likes of me. Hope the weather cheers up for you :)

Marian said...

lily, i think we could have a swap... sun for rain!
Oh, Im learnign to cook. For most of my life i actually ran away from the kitchen... never really wanted to cook. Now that i have time because I stay home, I can actually cook...learn to!

Edward adn Lilly... cold I don't mind as long as there is sun. That is my biggest problem with dutch winter... not the cold but the grayness... just a bit of sun!!!

Jam is delicious!