Sunday, 31 August 2008


The sun came out! unbelievable!!! we are in shock!
We have been busy these past few days. Yesterday we had again a very lavish, super top-chic wedding and as I drunk my champagne and ate some shrimp I wondered why, oh why do people spend so much money in this instead of travelling... well, I don't care anymore as long as they keep inviting me to help them spend that money!

In addition, Mr Husband decided to join a race here in The Netherlands, which was actually a tour, not a race... nobody won...ok. Then, 2000 people joined to bike 120km in a very hot day..."touring" the southern part of The Netherlands and into Belgium and back to NL. I gave him my words of encouragement but refused to spend 5 hours on a bike. How do their butts resist that!

We picked the first apples off of our trees

...and I have been working on some drawings. I've been asked a couple of times if I didn't have ACEOs or just prints of my birds and flowers and to tell you the truth I didn't have anything done, however, I always sketch everything in paper so I did have stuff to start with. I've been "discussing" with our scanner which doesn't seem to want to do what I ask him to, and also been trying different papers... any suggestions? what is the best for prints?

Here are some starters:

I have some new bags too, which I still have to photograph.

My "Bug View" hand painted tile was chosen at Smidge! as the Reader's Choice a few days ago, if you want to check it out. ...and that was it... Im going to what will probably be the last BBQ of the summer in a few hours, so I have to go get ready.

Hope everyone is allright on that other side!


'fancypicnic' said...

Your work is perfect for ACEOs. Can't offer advice about papers, though, sorry!!
I think lots of bottom massaging will be in order, don't you?

Marian said...

Thanks Charlotte. Im working on them.
I shall massage the bottom :)

Lily Pang said...

I have always wondered when you can put these lovely paintings into a canvas. I think they are lovely to be a painting.

As of the scanner and prints, if you use a software in your computer, you need to adjust it to see if you can have good result.

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Hi Marian... just to reply to your blog comment.

The first book is needlefelting, the second is more about using knitwear which you have felted in the washing machine. Both techniques are quite easy to start with and create a different texture to wet felting.

I also posted a blog post about machine needle felting at