Thursday, 7 August 2008

Birdland bag

A week or so ago I made this post about the new line of handpainted/collage canvas bags that were coming to my shop. Then, Ruth, the brain, hands.... everything! behind Birdland Creations asked me to paint a bag with the logo of her shop.
I like custom orders because it is something new, you have the chance to talk and get to know a bit the person behind the shop...and it is ussually a nice experience. A challenge.
So, I set out to do it.

I printed the logo in A3 size and then tried to copy it onto the bag as acquaretely as possible. There is no making mistakes here or you have to throw away the bag and start again with a new one.

Then it was time to start painting. I mixed some yellow and red for the orange flower and beak... only I mixed too much! I don't like throwing away. I hate wasting materials... and there was so much paint left! ... quick! I thought, grab another bag and paint something else.

...the "paralel" bag. Some tulips.

The finished bag:

And the little (21x25cm) tulip bag:

This was fun, really, it was. I started to get all sort of ideas whilst painting this bag for Ruth. And I'm glad that she likes it too!


Tizzalicious said...

That looks so cute!

Marian said...


'fancypicnic' said...

That looks fantastic - great job done, Marian xx

kirara said...

He encontrado tú página navegando por internet y me encanta lo que haces, adoro tus felted bowls. bss. te he dejado una cosita en mi blog.

Marian said...

THanks Charlotte!
Kirara.... gracias! Estoy yendo para tu blog! Pasa cuadno quieras... escribo un blog en español tambien, pero sobre...mi vida digamos.

Fieltrunguis said...

hola marian, gracias por pasarte por mi blog! yo tambien soy otra argentina emigrada por amor! jaja que bueno que podamos llevar toda nuestra creativadad al mundo entero!
te felicito porque tus cosas son muy lindas!

Ruth said...

Yes - I love it!! Thanks so much for doing it for me Mariana. I didn't want my exact logo - just the feel of it - so it was great how Mariana put the bird standing on the word and looking up at the flower.

And if you are contemplating getting her to do one for you - go for it! It was fun working together....and I just have to be patient now and wait for the mail ........

Thanks again Mariana. Keep up the fun designs!
Ruth from Birdland

Marian said...

Fieltrunguis... un gustazo! Veo que a las argentinas el cuore nos lleva por todos lados! bienvenida.

Ruth... it's in the mail today, friday. :)

La Srta Pil said...

adorable, Marian me encanto birdland, la tipografia los colores , genial, simple y hermoso, parece ya una marca...que te traes entre manos=!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is so sweet - I love the way that you've changed it slightly. The bird is very cute. Good job!

Half an Acre said...

that bag is very cute indeed!

Assumpta said...


You are really an artist!! :-))

I enjoy a lot when I find blogs with crafts like your!!

Congratulations for your nice works!!

Marian said...

thanks everyone!

KENYA said...

hola Mariana! soy tu mas ferviente admiradora, la "chica" argentina de dawanda que hace las carteras... (sigi rahn), bueno, te cuento que estuve paseando por polos ciclotimicos y ademas de pasar un momento agradable me rei muchisimo, sos muy ocurrente, tenes tambien talento para escribir!
te queria preguntar si me autorizas a poner el link de tu blog en mi "myspace" porque quisiera compartir con alguien que pudiera entrar en mi pagina las cosas lindisimas que haces, ya sabes que me impresionan por lo que me transmiten... asi como de pronto pongo los blogs de mi hija adolescente (es un sol!) por la lucidez de sus pensamientos... queria ponerte a vos por la belleza de las cosas que haces, pero por supuesto non problem si no estas de acuerdo, seguire paseando por tu shop en dawanda y en etsy (que bueno tambien!), ahora me voy a dormir, basta de ordinateur pour aujourd'hui, cuando puedas me decis algo, chau chau, Vicky

Lily Pang said...

The birds and flowers are so cute! Really nice!

Marian said...

Vicky! dale nomas, ferviente admiradora...jajaja... pone lonks donde quieras, no hay problema. pasame el link vos asi veo la pagina tambien!
Y pasate por polos que ahi siempre nos divertimos, por lo general, hablando boludeces! :)

Lily! thank you!

Art By MAR said...

I love both bags, great job! I am the same way--I hate to waste. Drives me nuts to have a pile of paint left over and just sit there to dry up. Good for you to put your to use.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your hand painted bags!

Ruth said...

My bag arrived! Many thanks. I love it. Now I can take my happy little bird with me wherever I go...and I'm keeping your business cards in it so if someone asks about it - I can give them your info!
Thanks again.

Marian said...

Artbymar...not only it annoys me to waste it also annoys me to clean up stuff with lots of paint on!!! better find some use!

A spoonful of sugar, thanks!!!

Ruth, Im glad that you like it, and that it is helpfull. Do spread the word!!! :)