Saturday, 24 May 2008


Because life is not made just of wool and clay... there is also paper. And I love paper. Always have. For my birthday a few weeks ago a got a great gift: 70euros to spend at my favorite shop... a Paper shop.
I love drawing but I was never properly trained. When I was a kid I attended all sorts of painting classes but they were more... free painting. I was 5 so rules of perspective didn't quite fit in my world. For a long time I went into a Miro phase. Everything was colorful and resembling a Miro painting. Not on purpose, but...just came out like that. When I move to the Netherlands, maybe to reflect my inner confusion and mess, I went into a Pollock type phase... standing on top of ladders in the garden and throwing paint all over the place. I found that so incredibly therapeutic!
These days, maybe because I have to slow down and look at the things, small little things that my son points at, I'm drawing a whole lot of fantasy creatures... mostly birds.. or "jujus" like Seba calls them. A deformation of the word "voegel", bird in dutch. They sound similar!

Anyway, I uploaded a whole lot of cards yesterday at my DaWanda Shop. Blank cards with little drawings or collages. I mostly work with Caran d'Ache acquarel pencils these days. I love them. This swiss not only make accurate watches! Also good pencils!

So, here a few... go by my shop if you are interested!

This is Arnaldo. He is deeply in love and waiting... flower in hand.

And this is Anastacia... check out those heart filled feathers! She is not desperate but... she could do with a little loving as well...


Dotty leaves:

A philosophical "juju"

Crazy flowers:

Pio pios:

And many many more! There are more detailed pictures at my shop, Florcita.
Please do visit...And have a nice weekend!


Marce said...

Loca!! what happen!! trate de dejarte un comentario en Polos ciclotimicos y dice que no soy del equipo y por eso no lo puedo dejar.
ssssssssssssstamosssss todos locos? que equipo? hay un equipo de algo? me anoto eh?
Bueh te dejo comentario aca.
la rucula divina, la ensalada apetitosa, tu suegra cuidandote la quintita y morfandose tus frutillas: pesadilla peor que Martes 13.
Tu marido y el camping: un clasico, pero veo que ya esta asumido. Al menos no te vas a la laguna de Chapadmalal, te vas a acampar a Avignon, Francia, loca!! essssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhho esssssssssssss otra cosssshhhhhhhhha. suerte y besoss

Marian said...

No se que equipo! ajjaja hay equipo??? de que hablan?? estamos todos loquisimosss! No se che que paso. Ahora me voy a fijar a ver que onina.

cintaescoch said...

See it?...You'll become a business woman!...Wish you the best!...
I no longer wait for mi prince (blue, or any color)...Now, I wait for my Arnaldo...flower in hand!
I'd buy if you ship to Buenos Aires.

Marian said...

Cintaescoch,tanto tiempo! I ship everywhere :)