Tuesday, 27 May 2008

While it rains

Well, that was it for spring apparently. For the last couple of days we have had nothing but rain, rain and...yes, more rain.
Gloomy weather means to me staying home and trying to do something creative. I had some wool laying around, bits and pieces from other stuff I made some time ago, so I had to transform the raw materials into something new.

These are much easier, faster hand felted bowls. Smaller in size and rougher the shape. I like them. My friend Reya taught me how to make them in our first felting day a few months back. I decided to experiment a bit with adding yarn to it like chenille and some hand spawn two colored yarn I brought from Argentina a few years ago (to work with in a loom).

My mom sent me a bag of goodies full of (candy and) buttons. Hand made buttons: wood, leather, hand painted ones. So I used a hardened leather brown leaf button for one of the bowls, and some wooden and matching green buttons for the other one.

...that is just a beautiful yellow poppy from my garden!

Here, the leaf button (made of hardened leather) sent by my Mom (which means that this bowl then, is international! :P )

They are both now for sale at my Etsy shop: www.florcita.etsy.com (there is something going on with blogger and is messing up all my links, so please, copy and paste on your navigation bar!).

Thanks for coming by!


ingermaaike said...

I love these bowls!

Marian said...

Thanks Inger!!!!