Thursday, 15 May 2008

Candle holder

Today I went to my ceramics class and I picked up some of the ceramic pieces I made a couple of weeks ago, before the spring vacations here in The Netherlands. I love this class. I learn so much from Maud (Maud's Keramiek Atelier en Galerie), and she is so encouraging and talented herself!! She is one of the first -and few- teachers I've ever had that shares everything. That doesn't hold back knowledge. Those aren't real teachers. You have to have it in your heart to pass on what you know. Share.
But anyway, this is not an entry about that class but about the magic of ceramics and glassing. It's pure chemistry. One might choose a pot of a certain glaze which you've already tried and liked, but the circumstances in the oven at a couple of thousand degrees, you just can't control. The chemical combinations in the oven between ones pieces and the ones from the rest of the class make every time, a unique explosion! So when things come back to you, you might be surprised. And that is just fine... magic!
It is the case with this little candle holder which I made thinking on our camping trips. I wanted something simple where I could put a little tea candle when we stay up at night watching the stars and having some wine. I don't want a lot of artificial light, just something small.
So I made this... I had chosen a glaze that imitates a bird's plumage, but... it turned out -due to the Pandora's box an electric oven is- as a bit of a tiger, camouflage pattern. I love it anyways!


Freddy said...

The candle holder doesn't look bad, but I would've chosen a solid bright color, especially if you're thinking about going wanna be able to see it, when you're packing up everything and not leave it there because you didn't see it.

By the way, he blog is looking good.

Faby said...

aaaa no che, a mi me hablás en cristiano, oíste?? :P

felicitaciones x el space nuevo, está harmooso! :D

Marian said...

Freddy, vos decis que asi camuflado no lo podria ver en el medio de la natura?? Se me ocurrio a mi tambien... y el color original que habia elegido era jsutamente bien amarillo... pero me fallo.
Faby... vos mira ls figuritas! :) Gracias por pasar!!

What a mess... how many language can I manage?

Susymon said...

Menos mal que esta el traslator...jejeje...zafé!
FELICITACIONES!!!...ta buenisimo el candelito, che ahora vas a tener que hacer algo para sostener la botella de vino.besotes

MoniQueen said...

Pues yo cuando lo vi en lo primero que pense fue en un tigrito! y me sacaste una sonrisa cuando dijiste que eso fue lo que te parecio! Quizas Freddy tenga razon con lo del camuflaje, pero quien sabe, quizas pueda ser una ventaja! Depende de como se mire... me encanta el carino con el que describes tus piezas! :-)