Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Prefelts are pieces of felt which one can buy or, if you are not too lazy, make your self. The difference with the normal felt is that these sheets of felt aren't fully felted. They are ussually used by felters whom especialize in wall art, tapestry or rugs; or indeed any felted work with lots of intricate designs in different colors. The advantage of prefelt is that you can cut a figure out from your pre- felted sheet, and add it to your design which later gets fully felted with the rest of your work. It's not difficult to use them but it doesn take a bit of practice. However, they do simplify your job and allow you to do more intricate designs.
So, I had to make some for a few projects I have in mind, and also because it is always handy to have some in stock.
Technically speaking, the thickness of your prefelt, if you wish to make them yourself, should take an account the thickness of the finnal project you have in mind... you have to think that if it is too thick it will take longer to felt, or stick out; but if they are too thin they might get lost in the background color. I made this pile of about 3 thin layers of wool. Solid, bright colors.
And now to work!


painted fish studio said...

very cool! i've never heard of prefelt, but can think of some good uses for it!

terracota said...

que colores! muy inspirador!!!
a terminar con toda esa lanita antes de que llegue la primavera holandesa!

viltk said...

It's a lot of work and you haven't finfished anything jet...... but it is so much fun and easy to use if you have some prefelt around!
Cannot wiat to see what you have in mind

holajuana said...

Gracias por dejarme un mensaje en mi blog!! estuve viendo tu website me encanta todo lo que haces.

ArtMind said...

Oh, cool, you make your prefelt yourself? I used to bu it! :P Happy weekend, Marianna!

Marian said...

Fishy... it's quite handy ;)
Mariel, quiero arcilla!!!!! :) estoy con las dos cosas a la vez. Tengo arcilla y lana dando vueltas por toda la casa!
Kim! YEah, it took me a whole day to make that stack of prefelts. but... htey are done and should last for a while!
Holajuana, de nada! pasa por aca cuando quieras!
Mitsy, you lazy muppet! LOL yeah, I make it myself... I just wouldn't know where to buy it around here.

Miss Gina Designs said...

Gorgeous colors for your prefelts.

Marian said...

Thanks Gina!

SweetbriarStudio (Christie) said...

I just finally paid attention to what you had said about your tutorials. What a great (and generous) thing to post. I watched 2 that were helpful (the pre-felts and the beginning felt). Even though I've been felting for a little over a year, I still have soooo many questions and it's good to get reinforcement. Thanks! And have a fabulous trip home :).