Friday, 3 April 2009

EST Secret Bunny

Hello everyone! aaaaah SUN!!!!!!I'm afraid my lizard days are in and hybernating is out. I am outdoors all day and computers and work do not fit in my schedule! :)
I've been meaning to post, for a couple of days already, about the European Streen Team Secret Bunny.
Mevrouw Mitsy, from Artmind, took the time to organize the logistics of this event which was basically an international secret bunny swap. I am sure it was a lot of work, and she pulled it off perfectly. Not to mention that this happened in the midst of her come back and the presentation of her "99 feelings" work of art which I suggest you check out, because they mini feelings are glorious.

Anyway, a package with my name on it came all the way from Finland and it included the fabulous work of Ioulia, the mind and hands behind CloudberryLand.

Three pairs of earrings which are so pretty, well crafted and chic! I've been wearing them all these past days, alternating to give them eachsome time on my ears :) and I've got compliments everytime!

They are just beautiful and I am so happy I got this! I always use earrings and these are so unique and well done! I seriously suggest you visit Ioulia's shop... because these are pretty and affordable!

Oh yes, there was a huge chocolate in the package too... which dissapeared in a matter of...seconds I think. We are all seriously addicted to the stuff! :)

Thanks Ioulia for the earrings again, and thanks Mitsy for pulling this off!

Going back to the sun now :)


viltk said...

Lucky you!!
3 sets amazing
see you tomorrow!

ArtMind said...

Lucky you! I'm so glad you love your secret bunny gift! Ioulia sure is a lovely bunny! Thanks for participating, Mariana & Ioulia!
Enjoy the lovely weather we are having recently - I'm doing the same!