Friday, 24 April 2009

Spring -Merry go round

Spring -Merry go round
Originally uploaded by Marian Florcita

I had never taken so much notice in the change of seasons until I came here.
I come from the southern part of Argentina -Patagonia- where seasons are different: quite cold in winter, windy; and very warm in summer. But throught the whole year, almost always the sun shines.
Over here the lack of light during so many months in winter, makes it all die and turn to grey and brown colors in a moldy, sleepy image that seems to never end.
But all of a sudden, in March-April...things start to change, and much rapidly than I had never seen -and hence in a more notorious way- everything starts to change. Green starts to dominate the landscape, tulips and all those bulb flowers are the first to pop out and all of a sudden there is color everywhere.
We have a big garden and a little forest almost in our backyard, so spring to us means going for walks, working in the garden, bike rides, improvised BBQs, a little fire and a glass of wine and talks of how happy we are with so little... just the appereance of the sun makes us young, vital and happy again.
So spring is a less productive time for me in the bussisness sense. i'm always outdoors. I feel like I'm wasting sun otherwise!
And also it means that slowly I start changing from wool to clay. It's hard to wet felt outside because a little breeze can blow all your wool away. But I can do stuff with clay outside... so slowly I start getting more ideas for that.

You will see me walking around with my camara with the macro lens on too in spring. I'm fascinated by the perfection in nature's designs...

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meherio68 said...

"Productive"? What does that even mean?... ;-)

Love your photos too, obviously!

Easterya said...

I completely agree with you: a sunny day spent inside is a wasted day! I'm outside everyday, wire-wrapping in the sun, looking at the sea, little breeze, oh it's heaven! I use the aloe vera the same way too... Looking forward to see your clay creations!

Lily Pang said...

I feel I am immersed with the feeling of sunlight in your place. It's wonderful and your place is wonderful too in Spring. Enjoy and you will have great products from it.

I am looking forward to see your art in clay. You are always creative.

'fancypicnic' said...

I can almost feel your spirits lifting as the sun comes out, Flo. I just love your photos, here and on flickr. Always beautiful. Keep them coming!