Thursday, 9 April 2009


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So many flowers blooming, so many photos to take!
I jgave my first workshop on basic felting techniques on monday. They were all happy but I don't know if Im cut out for teaching...too stressful, too many people to look at, guide and so much wool to prevent from falling into buckets of water and be ruined for good...
It was a workshop for women of the family anyways, nothign "official", a test.
I'm working in a portable, easy to use loom... as soon as I can work out the whole thing, I'll post some pics and tips if anybody wants to try the same.
Gotta go to my ceramics class!


Lily Pang said...

Wow, Congrats for successful conducting a course! Ya, it is stressful in teaching. I was a teacher for a long time. But you will soon get use to it when you teach more.

That's wonderful! If you are near here, I'd love to attend.

florcita said...

I don't know if wool would be too succesful in the tropics Lily :) But if Im ever in yout part of the world, be sure we will meet :)

Anonymous said...

I loved teaching, but would prefer doing so in my mother tongue...
Looking forward to your pics and info about the loom, I would love to learn weaving and have some small handy loom.