Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wooly amber

Wooly amber
Originally uploaded by Marian Florcita

The combination of glass and wool... always fascinating how one provides structure and texture and the other one, light. I am in experimentation mode. I've been making jackets, dyeing, spinning... more soon.
The bad side of good weather is that I feel bad, almost guilty, If Im staying indoors while the sun shines. Sure, I could take the laptop outside but... it just doesn't feel right. This will be detrimental to blogging! or at least for my blogs.

Photos: macros of an abstract wall hanging.


viltk said...

Looks fab!! Have you put a light behind it? Did you cut the felt open at both sides?

Lily Pang said...

This is cool! Hope can see a an overview of how it looks on the wall.

Marian said...

Kim, there is no light behind and no I didn't cut the felt... stones were felted together with the wool... I still have to finish it but I love the glass and wool thing.

Lily, As soon as I make a frame of sorts, I will show you :)

terracota said...

wow! que interesante! parecen "encendidos"


Marian said...

si, tal cual... encendidos!