Wednesday, 22 April 2009

List of vegetables for dyeing

Looking a bit more into this dyeing business, I found a list of vegetables with the possible colors one can get from them. The method itself, was the same. So here:

Light Purple: small quantity of grape juice
Violet blue: red onions skins
Blue: Canned blueberries, red cabage, purple grape juice
Green: spinach, grass
Yellow: orange or lemon peels, carrot tops, ground cumin, ground tumeric
Brown: strong coffee
Orange: yellow onion skins
Pink: beets, cranberries
Red: lots of red onions skins

And then I found another list of possible dyers but not the colors one would get... so if you try them, tell us!

Marigold flowers
Tansy flowers
Dahlia flowers
Apple leaves
Oak leaves
Crushed pomegranates
Onion skins
Corn husks

So there... if you know of anything else, we can add to the list!

Another interesting link from a website called Pioneer Thinking. There is a long list of plants and the colors you might get.
I suggest you check Jenny Dean' s website and books. She is a guru in natural dyeing and a very generous person. Wise and fun!


Jane_Bo said...

I dyed silk fabric and wool with onion skin, got light-light brown almost beige color. If I had more skins the color would be darker, now I collect the skins and soon I'll try again).

florcita said...

I collect the skin onions in a little paper bag as I am using the onion itself. Whenever I get a good quantity, I dye something!

luy said...

me encanta todo vegetal

Ladka said...

I have dyed with dark red and purple dahlias. I had many flowers and got very intense orange. It is said all strong, dark dahlias give good orange (only the light coloured flowers are not worth using), and also that it isn't necessary to separate them by colour, they all give the same orange. I dyed alum mordanted wool yarn and fleece.
I have also used green walnuts and obtained deep velvety brown colour without alum. Walnut is a substantive dyeing material: it gives good colour that is light- and washfast. Some dyers use green walnut hulls whereas I used whole green nuts, in June, when they were very juicy. Rubber gloves are a must when working with green walnuts because the brown colour won't be washed from your hands.

Anonymous said...

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