Thursday, 6 November 2008


What else could come from Holland other than tulips??? Well, actually...lots of things...cheese! a matter of fact, I've been living here for 6 years and I haven't seen one tulip field! hahaha maybe because I live in the south and here there are asparagus fields (YUM!) but no tulips... only the ones I have in my garden and every year the mice/moles/neighbours?? steal.

So, I made my own tulips. Warm, woolly tulips.
A new version of the "Sketched flowers" scarf in purples and lilas that I made a while ago (and now is on its way to a very smart girl studying at Princeton),

This new one is just black and white with a few silky strands. It is much longer and in a way sober. There are no beads in this one because I thought that a simple black and white scarf is good for night and day... so here:

Today was a lovely day here. Sunny and very autumny... lovely. I got a chance to use my new creamy/silky scarf. I found my loom (which I brought all the way from Argentina), so I've been busy trying to remember how was it that it works... I love weaving... love the texture...but it takes soooo much time. Measuring and cutting each thread, putting it in the by one... and there are ussually more than 70! Tieing them up, rolling them up and if it all went well... then you start weaving... it takes a whole day for a long scarf.... or maybe I just need to get used to it again. But it explains why ussually they are so expensive.

This was going to be my On my desk wednesday pic, although I spent wednesday preparing a huge order of cards (more on that later!):

That is beautiful creamy yarn (brought from Argentina as well... 100% wool!) and just strands of silk I ussually use for wet felting, this time I weaved them...

Well, tomorrow is friday... and my 6th wedding anniversary... *I hope we get to go out!!! PLEASE!*
So, we'll see you in the weekend!


painted fish studio said...

the black and white scarf is absolutely beautiful! mmmmmm, cheese. i cannot get enough of dutch gouda. i always bring a bunch home when i visit amsterdam.

happy 6th wedding anniversary!

Florcita said...

Thanks!!! Cheese is good!!!! I actually think there are more variaty of cheeses in Belgium... but Im not allowed to say that... LOL I live in NL!

Lily Pang said...

Thank you for the Sketched flowers! I love the new tulip and the black one as well.

Happy 6th Anniversary and Happily ever after in Netherlands.

ArtMind said...

Wow, beautiful tulips! :)

Lina said...

I like a lot of the black and white carf.

Happy 6th wedding annversary!

Excuse my english I try to practice it reading and commenting in english blogs.

Happy Sunday!

Marian said...

Thanks Lily! It is supposed to get there within a week... hopefully!!!
Armind... thanks!
lina! Hola... bienvenida! your english is great... y muchas gracias por las felicitaciones!

Half an Acre said...

Is 'sparragous' Asparagus?

Florcita said...

Forgive me... I have a head switching through 3 different languages every day, all day. And sometimes, i just mix them up. Yes, asparagus is what I meant.