Friday, 14 November 2008

Friday, ceramic buttons

And here are the buttons... I made different shapes: stars, little flowers, square and hearts. These are fun to make, only problem is that since I don't have my own ceramic oven (or kiln) the times depend on the amount of pieces to be fired at the atellier... so, sometimes it takes a while.

The thing with glazing is that it never turns out the same way twice. It has to do with the chemical circumstances inside the oven. Naturally if you put red, you will get red, but the swirls will differ. If you have glazing with minerals or stones in it, you wont get the same thing every time. It adds to its uniqueness if you ask me.
The red glazing is supposed to be like that, edges here and there a bit white.

I love the blue one. I can see it with some creammy shall for instace.

The earthy tones have so many different swirls and spot...lovely. What do you think?

(clicky to make the pic larger)

I'm not sure yet how I will put them in the shop...individually, pairs... there is a limited least until I make some more (which could take a while ...errr... reasons up there).

Friday again... and a weekend packed full again...


London Mummy said...

These are so pretty Marian :) Have tried to email you but got a mail delivery failure message.

Marian said...

thanks london mummy! should be my email.

Lily Pang said...

These buttons are so lovely! I think you can sell as a button supply.

I love the colors and the different results. It's fun.

terracota said...

que lindos, Flor!
sabes que quedan divinos no solo sobre la tela sino entretelas???
texturas! texturas!
En estos dias voy a poner uno de esos ejercicos textiles en mi blog realizados con esa tecnica.

Marian said...

Lily, thanks... they re really nice. :)
Terracota, ponga m'hija!! ponga!!! no se me ocurrio entre telas. No se como hacer para que se noten bien los tonos!

painted fish studio said...

love the buttons!

MY said...

Hi, I'm Lily's daughter! Thanks for the scarf, its lovely!

I'd just like to ask, how should I take care of it? Handwash I suppose? Is there something I shouldn't do with felt?

Thank you!


Marian said...

Fishy, thanks!

Hey My! Didnt I include a letter with it? Oh dear... I thought I had... well, taking care of it simply wash it with cold water and fine fabric soap (not too much), with your hand but without rubbing it too much. The process of handfelting includes soap, water and rubbing... so if you do that whilst trying to wash it, then you will be felting it further (will be very stiff then!). Rinse it and lay it on a flat surface to dry...a radiator even if you want. But don't put it in the tumble drier because that will also felt it further.
Just ask if you have any other questions. im glad you like it! Enjoy!

'fancypicnic' said...

LOVE these buttons! They looked so delightful on flickr...and gorgeous in these pics. Well done you!