Saturday, 15 November 2008

Shopping List Saturday!

Gray, grey.... what is it? grey or gray?? In the past few days I've had a complete mental freeze up about this word. Im sure I learnt in my english 101 class, a million years ago, that the proper spelling was gray...or grey? hahah can' t remember and it seems to get used indistinctively.

Anyway, gre/ay is all around us. Autumn seems to have finished and now it is the daily grayness of winter. Gray seems to be a very fashionable color right now as well. My friend Reya loves it. It's a great complement color I think, neutral...even chic. I love how red and gray look together...
In honor of this grayness, my shopping list this saturday has 4 gorgeous gray items I would looove to have!

(please, click on the image for a larger view)

Clockwise from top left:

-Silvered white and frosty clear nugget trio, handmade etched lampwork beads from Auroracreations. Absolutely love these beads. I just recently discovered her shop and I love her flat beads... me wants!!!
-Victoria...grey blue earrings from Ambersky. All of her victorian style earrings are just gorgeous. I have marked a couple as favorites and I think santa will bring me at least one...please... :)
-Fall collection- Belle tote with Italy flannel wool in light grey from christystudio. This tote looks so nice and warm! The prime example of grey being a complementing color...imagine this bag with a black outfit..or a touch of red (obviously!). Beautiful!
-Black and gray mug from Jennyblasenpottery. I have all sorts of handmade cups and mugs I've bought in different trips. I just love mugs... and ceramic ones are my favorites. This one is just simple but so pretty. Imagine a nice cup of tea steaming there..waiting for you in this grey winter...

Please do visit the shops. Lots more goodies there.
Hope you have a nice weekend! I'm off to visit friends.


Achtung! said...

I think gra/ey is one of those British vs American English things. Although, I've no idea which is which. I use both!

Marian said...

hahahah so it is fine then... much happier... I dont have to worry about it!

'fancypicnic' said...

Oh, Flo - these are fabulous! Ethereal and fairylike - I love them!!!
As for 'grey/gray' - either! With an E if English, and an A if American...or so I believe. We know what you mean, and your english is SOOO good - don't worry! xx

painted fish studio said...

beautiful finds! it's been gre/ay here, too, and it's making me a tad grumpy. i think fancypicnic is right, but i prefer "grey" even though i'm american. however, i love gre/ay!

Marian said...

Thanks charlotte :)
Fishy, maybe nobody even knows which one is american and which english...hahah doesnt matter, I will use them indistinctiveky then!