Saturday, 1 November 2008

Shopping List Saturday!

I've been doing a lot of window shopping lately. Yesterday especially. I've been given full liberty to buy all the christmas shopping. Meaning, card in hand... and DaWanda and Etsy. Oh, and a cup of tea. :)
I've already started although, at the end of the shopping session, I had several purchases and all for me... hahah none for Christmas... this will be dangerous (for our financial situation!).

I contacted a few sellers yesterday and Im glad 85% of the people one gets in touch with, are always willing to respond your questions and go the extra mile for you. Naturally, people want to will say. Sure, but I've come accross people whom weren't as helpful and nice... Im just asking what the shipping costs will be not for you to come over here and deliver it! :)

Well, in this grey wintery day... here is a sample of a few of the things I found and reeeeeally like... hope it inspires you as well!


-Pom Pom mittens from Moocowhandknits
-Golden Tears original Photograph by Simplycutedesigns
-Mustard Seed handspun yarn by the very sweet and helpful knittydirtygirl
-Sheer silken luxury, felted wrap by the marvellous Inger at Felt by Ingermaaike

Beautiful things!
Have you decided where will you be shopping this years christmas presents?

Oh, by the way! to see more Shopping lists, or join the fun, do check Charlotte's blog from fancypicninc.
(I always forget that last part...sorry! )

Have a nice weekend!


ingermaaike said...

We are having a fantastic time in Norway, not a seconds worth regret yet!

Great to go shopping unlimited :0D

If you want to win a fun snowman be sure to enter the giveaway on my blog!

'fancypicnic' said...

How many hours could we spend shopping for handmade?? Loads - if you're me! So many decisions!

love those mitts - have only recently discovered moocowhandknits...oh, the power of the front page!

Happy shopping...

Marian said...

Hey Inger... I may have moved to the wrong northern country hahaha cold, ok... rain ..not ok.

Charlotte... I already bought that gorgeous yellow handspun yarn... Im weak... plus preacious stones, and beads... and a glass plate... and... why why why!!!!!! I still have 8 gifts to get! hhaah

Lady RavenWolf said...

At least You will be warm this winter! :)

Anonymous said...

lovely finds...i adore rachel-marie's shop!

Chocolate and Steel said...


Yes, my favorite list on Etsy is filling up quite quickly. I best start buying before they sell out:)

Marian said...

Lady, I already bought the yarn... I couldn't resist! :)

Steph... I spent an hour going up and down her shop looking around and trying to decide which one to buy!

Chocolate, yeah...I keep looking around and adding, it is getting qutie difficult to narrow it down!

Rachel-Marie said...

ooo I adore the little mittens! It's been a pleasure working with you dear! - knittydirtygirl

Marian said...

Hey Rachel-Marie... can't wait to play with the wool!!!!!! thanks!

Lily Pang said...

So many to see and to buy! It is so fun!

painted fish studio said...

beautiful finds!

laila aka rawfish said...

i love knittydirtygirl! and psh if you think you started early- i FINISHED my xmas shopping on etsy! remember when etsy went down for repair at like 3 am one day. well the day before that i bought from 16 etsy sellers! and i spoiled myself with some yummy lemonylimeny soap from balsam! LOL.