Monday, 3 November 2008

Look what I got II

I've been following Lily's art for a while now. As a matter of fact, I think her shop was one of the first ones I saw on DaWanda . I like her use of colors and superimposed shapes and effects on her digital art, and I really really like how she works her watercolors... beautiful!

She is branching out now and along side prints and original art, she offers things like laptop skins in different sizes. When I saw those I also saw my chance and jumped to it. So I got myself a skin to protect our new laptop. You know when you have something new and you want it to last long all shiny and pretty... will not happen, I know, not with a 2yr old climbing on the chair and smashing the keyboard with sticky hands... but I will try to keep it looking good (for a few more weeks), so I got us an owl skint:

in the back there, a bit of my husband...

We are all really enjoying it and now of course my kid needs to sit and talk to the "Juju" (pronouce huhu... comes voegel: bird in dutch) and touch it, scratch it....abuse it basically! hahaha

Thanks Lily! I love your work! keep it up!

Hope you all like it too...

(this was going to be yet another christmas present but... just didnt make it until december in its box...)


reya said...

heehee...i can see the little guy with the laptop right now. looks great

'fancypicnic' said...

Hi, there, bit of husband!

Looks great - I'm really impressed with Lily's artwork, too. Too enticing for little hands!

Marian said...

Rey, good thing about this skin, one can whip it clean... Seba was feeding the owl yesterday...

Char, so there is at least two of us...hahaa

Lily Pang said...

Mariana, Thanks so much for the write up. I really appreciate it!

Only a bit of your husband. Hehee...

Jenny Karlsson said...

I've tagged you!
have a look at my blog to see what I mean :)

Take care & see ya around!
/Jen :)

Karen Faulkner said...

Isn't Lily's work lovely, and I like the idea of adding a little extra beauty into our everyday lives with functional art.

Erika said...

Dear friend,
i'm very sorry, the DaWanda widget doesn't seem to work. Thank you for reporting.
However, i've now fixed the problem ^^


Marian said...

Lily, you are welcome!
Jenny, thanks! on my way to your blog!
Karen, Lilys art is great... always thoughtful!
Erik, that's ok! Thanks and I will check it out now!