Tuesday, 11 November 2008


I wanted to get this post out earlier but noooo in the morning I had to go with Mr Husband, at his request, to chose his new bike. He bikes everyday to work, around 40km a day. He loves it. There is no obligation, the car is parked outside, I barely use it. But he is trying to avoid traffic jams ( a very ussual thing in NL) and be healthy and green. Good for him... I 'll drink some tea and have some cake in his honor :)
So, the bike has to be... well, a good one. Durable. Resistant. 40km a day is quite a lot. Frankly, I wasn't expecting bikes to be so expensive. Serious... I don't know what was I expecting because...well... I don't ussually search for bikes, but 1500euros...the cheapest one... am I the only one who finds that a bit absurd?? a pair of good (but not the best) biking pants, 70euros... WHAT??? Sometimes I feel either cheap, or too disconnected from the (bike) world out there. Incredible.

I need to sell some stuff to pay for this bike... a kidney maybe? hahaha... no, here is my latest addition to the shop:

I used five silver wires onto which I added hand felted gray beads, seed beads and 4 handmade glass beads in orange, ivory and with details in actual silver!
It's a short necklace. I like it myself a whole lot. I didnt know orange looked so good with gray...orange is not my first choice color (which one is it?? yes, red...)... but the silver from the beads and the gray wool really look good together.

In the shop now!

I know I promised some ceramic buttons but the external hard disk, where all the pics go first... has dissapeard. I will have to go check in the little one's toys' chest... things seem to end up there... like a Bermuda triangle, all things within a certain radious of the chest, vanishes.


Tweed Delights said...

I love this colour combination too - crafting seems to through up surprises like this, which is what makes it fun, for me anyway! I've never worn grey and orange together either - I might rethink :-) Lovely work!

Lily Pang said...

Europe is a too expensive place I think. You may try to search website to see if you can buy from other country such as China, at least for pants.

Lovely necklace. Yes, I like the orange and gray as well.

Marian said...

Tweedy, yeah... sometimes the combinations come out of nowhere... just two things laying on the table and then you realize!

Lily, I dont know if the costs of shipping everything back here wouldnt pair up with just buying it here... but yeah, things are quite expensive, especially un northern Europe... and food! dont make me talk about how expensive that is too!

reya said...

Oh my gosh...The cost of bicycles here. I know. Sometimes it's cheaper to buy a secondhanded car. But he will be saving tons on gas money..so I guess it all works out in the end :)