Monday, 17 November 2008

Monday- Look what I got III

I haven't had time to post these ones before. A few weeks ago I went to Claudia Wendt's shop in Dawanda. I love her beads and lately Im having some sort of lampwork bead fetish and I like them all and I want them all and I want to make things with them... ideas bubbling in my head all the time.
They got here super fast and not just the ones I bought but also a few extra ones!

Silvered ivory. I dont know if you can really see (click on the pic for larger view) but there are all sorts of swirls and greys and silver there on each neat dot. I have some work lined up before I can do something with them, but I can not wait!!!!

This was another purchase like the previous 3 "look what I got" that I made whilst supposedly shopping for christmas presents. Im closer to a bigger stash of beads than being done with holiday shopping (as a matter of fact I still have 5 people to shop for!).

Have a nice monday!


Claudia Wendt said...

Hallo Mariana, I saw with pride that you show my beads in your blog. Thank you for compliment. I also visit your homepage, great.

Lily Pang said...


Her beads are fascinating! You have a great eye to discover treasures.

Marian said...

Hello CLaudia! thanks! the website will get a revamp very soon!
Lily, Im having a thrill finding all these beads... love them. The amazing things one can make with glass... well, no me, the experts!