Monday, 22 September 2008

Seasonal color pallette incognita

I was thinking, what do you think is the color pallette of this season? I've seen lots of purples and lilas but then I got the catalogue of a big fashion multinational a few days ago, and surprise! no purple, but lots of bright yellow, fucsia, emerald green, electric blue... very...errr..80s. I dont know how I feel about that, I might be too classic in taste for the 80s, but Im left a bit confused... what is the palette then? Ideas?

Well, in the meantime, the scarves have been well received. I even sold a couple before I could put them in the shop! That is always encouraging. I need to find a place nearby where I can buy more organza, or silk in different colors for nuno felting (wool on fine fabrics). It always looks very delicate and pretty...well, the skill of the felter helps too!

But until then, it's just wool with some embellishments.

First up a very sober, minimalistic black scarf, with a ribbon (which has grey, white and black flowers printed), and white buttons in 3 sizes with black and gray rims. They form a little sober garden.

Then, here is the "sketching acquarel flowers" scarf. It is handfelted with cream merino wool. the flowers were also handfelted in lila and purple merino and silk strands. After that I "sketched" with the sewing machine and then added (what It seemed like a million) beads in lila, pearly white, purple, bourgondy and transparent beads. There are in total 6 flowers, 3 on each end of the scarf:

Both going to my shop now...

So, if anybody finds out what colors are fashionable at the moment, and want to share with moi... thanks :)
Have a nice monday!


'fancypicnic' said...

So pretty, Marian - no surprises you sold some so quickly! Love the drama of the black one xx Beautiful.

La Srta Pil said...

Excelente trabajo!!!! me gusta muchoo!!!

ingermaaike said...

I am a bad judge of fashionable but these scarves are most spectacular!

Marian said...

Charlotte, thanks! I like how simple the black one is, but strong nonetheless.
Pil, grazie doña
Inger, thank you so much!