Monday, 29 September 2008

last sun rays and my face! :P

That was an interesting Friday. The Merry-go-round was a very good idea. I loved reading about other women around the world and how it was that they arrived to this point in their lives where crafting is so important. In a weird way I got a sense of community.

I've been busy making a few more scarfs but now I run out of silk so production is at a halt. I feel like sewing today, but I don't know what!
I have to run to the post office to send some goodies to their new owners, but here some pictures of the new scarves (whilst enjoying the last sun rays we'll see for a while I think! Im not possing, the photographer thought it was best to take pictures when i wasnt aware of it):

They are both nuno felted scarves, merino wool felted onto silk fabric. The flowers in the top one are made with different shades of browns and mustard colors in silk. Silk everywhere actually! :) I added some subtle golden beads that seem to be coming out of the flowers.

The scarf bellow has a lots of red shades: dark, cherry, orangey, pink and rainbow silk strands. Lots of silk on both scarves. It addes some glitter without being too much in your face. And it is so soft and delicate!

I was going to post about the tea cozy but as i was writing I had an idea to improve it, so hopefully, tomorrow!


Kaosinside said...

Florcita!!! ^___^ You are here, too.. :) I've just arrived at blogspot.. It seems great! Love your scarves, yes! ^^
See you, here or there.. ;)

Marian said...

We see each other everywhere! Hi Giada!

Kaosinside said...

Eheheh! It's true.. :) Well, life is strange sometimes.. I study English, French and Spanish but as you read in my post I'm not graduated, yet.. I hope I will someday..
buona serata,
a domani! ^___^

Lily Pang said...

Marian I like merry-go-round very much! Somehow I can feel each one when you mention their names. Now I can match your name with your face as well. :D

These two scarves are very romantic. I like the that there are so many layers of colors one is passionate and one is delicate.

yvette said...

indeed very it.