Thursday, 11 September 2008

How do I get this busy that I can't handle five minutes of peace for writing a post?? Weird...
It was my husband's granmother's birthday. She is probably my favorite person in this family, closed followed by an aunt who actually lives in England so it kinda sucks because we don't see her as often as I would like.
For Oma (grandma in dutch) I decided to bake a huge chocolate cake with lots of peaches and cream and pure chocolate covering it, and I made her a brooch. She always liked my handfelted flowers so I made one (very sober...) for her present. She turned 89 years old. I hope - if I get to that age- to arrive in such good shape mentally!!!!

Since I was playing with wool already, I started to play around with scraps that are always left out although I keep them...I never know for what, but I do. Just one more thing laying around!

I actually wanted to try, because I had never done that, drying what I handfelted, in the tumble dryer. It gives a whole different texture....a bit bubley! Not done yet, so I will show you later.
Im still trying to tech myself how to sew with a machine, and I made this little cones as pin cushins. I took the idea from a blog but, even thoug I have looked around, I can not remember which blog it was. Im very sorry...but due recognition to the person who thought of this before!

For those of you that already know how to sew, this nexxt effort probably will look simple and silly, but for those of us that are trying to learn, learning (or guessing) how to make a simple envelope type bag for your a huge accomplishment. I used some Amy Butler fabrics I purchased not too long ago via Etsy, and...voila:

And... how about this?

...and more to come!


Star of the East said...

Happy birthday to Oma :)
I was born and raised in Holland so I know the horrible weather over there, one of the reasons we escaped to Turkey :)
Thank you for visitng our blog!

Justina Selim said...

Those turned out cute! I wish I was better at sewing. Have you ever made finger puppets with felt? I thought about that when I saw your little scraps. I saw some at Ikea the other day.

'fancypicnic' said...

Hey! Great sewing, there! Well done you!

Guess what? There's an award with your name on it on my

Marian said...

Star of the east: arent you smart! Can I come too? :) this summer has been horrible horrible really. Almost no sun. Its 8am now, foggy and horrible.... yet again!
Justina. that is a good idea. No, I havent made any but im going to try! Thanks!

Charlotte, thank theeee! I will go collect :) Hey, pretty simple but at least the lines are a bit more straight than normal :)