Monday, 29 September 2008

Heart tea cozy

A whole week passed and I barely touched the computer. Well, I did, but too late when I was too tired so making sentences was a colossal task. I just read...

So, here we are... I talked about a tea cozy and hearts and an overdose of pink? well, some time ago, when I first opened my little online shop, someone asked me if I could make a tea cozy. It was my first custom order... first order actually. And I really liked the challenge because I had never made a tea cozy before. I was a newbie so I started doing it and when I was almost done with it, the customer informed me that she actually wasn't interested anymore. Since I was new at this, I hadn't charged anything before hand and I was left with a tea cozy full of pink hearts. Im not a big pinky, hearty person myself so I was left wondering what to do with it. Sure, I could have put it on the shop anyways but... you know when you do something but you are not completely satisfied with it... you just think... there is something missing here... and I dont like puting for sell something that doesnt convince me...
Months later I walked in a shop... one of those very old ones that seem to have been there for ever, with tons of bits and pieces all over the place. I found a bunch of little buttons shaped like hearts in different shades of pink and different sizes and bought them thinking of this cozy. Sew them up, added a little ball on the top for easy grabbing... and... taddaaaaaaaaa....

I tried it -to see if it worked- and it keept my tea warm for 3 hours!!!! Actually, I forgot it on the table and 5 hours later the tea was still warm, only... not drinkable warm...well, for me. I like my tea warm. Not luke warm but... warm!
Well, I really hope it finds a home soon because it deserves being used. Im not very pink myself so it doesn't match my cups and pots (as if everything had to match, right?).. So off to keep someone elses tea warm in this coming winter!

It's in my shop now!

On other news...I've been teaching myself how to sew a zipper to a wristlet... I feel so clumsy sometimes!

I know, not perfect... but now I know how to do it! I just need practice!

And I also taught myself how to put one of those magnetic snaps on a bag... I confused myself a bit what with the lining and the right side, the wrong side... I swear sometimes it feels easier for me to read a philosophy book than sewing instructions... my brain melts! How dumb am I.
Not really...:)
Well, you can't see the snap, but the bag itself is quite comfortable. It's linen with a nice Amy Butler fabric on top.

Anyway, it's saturday and the inlaws are coming over ... I better start cleaning up the house a bit. Just today the sun decides to come out and you can see all the dirt in the windows... damn! Now Im going to have to clean them......... whyyyyy?! Can you tell I am not a fan of household chores?

I hope everyone is doing ok!
Have a nice weekend!


'fancypicnic' said...

Like the cozy, and well done you with your zipping! I hate zips!

I've just been 'had' by a customer and their order, too - I could scream! It's just not on, is it?!

Marian said...

I felt really discouraged then too... I learnt. Now, every custom order means first you pay (at least half) and then i work.
unfortunately Im the sort of person that trusts people too much... and then things like this happens.

Lily Pang said...

This tea cozy is very cute. It should be fantastic to use in a cold, snowing days with such warming hearts.

How to manage your customer is something we all should learn.

Marian said...

Yeah, we all learn along the way, right... I never even thought about selling stuff so this is all very much a new thing... hopefully one learns with experience!