Friday, 12 September 2008


Mrs Charlotte from Fancypicnic has been kind enough to bestow a prize on this humble blog. We thank thee! :)

I am supposed to pass it on to another 6 blogs apparently... so here they are:
The Wren design
La Srta Pil
The Spotted SparrowHalfAnAcre
Lawatha's glassThe Vintage Chica

...and some more...just because I want to. There are more than 6 blogs that I think are "brillante"...

Edward and Lilly
Inside the ArtisanLilyPang Art
On My Perch

I always read these blogs even If I dont have time to comment on all. There are many more I visit and read (I have around 250 blogs in my bloglines... blogs in 3 different languages!) and with these prizes situations I always find it difficult to chose just a few. If I wouldn't think they are great, interesting, fun blogs, I wouldn't even read them to begin with...

I hope you all take the time to discover them, some fine people behind those blogs.

Have a nice weekend!


Justina Selim said...

Thanks! You are so sweet! I love your blog as well!

Half an Acre said...

For me! Really?
Wow! thank you!!!!

vintagechica said...

Oh, how kind of you! I will surely pass it along. You just made my day. Thank you!!!

'fancypicnic' said...

Just had a great time blog-hopping with your list - thanks, Mrs Marian!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the generous award! : ) I will definitely mull over which blogs to choose and issues some awards also- it will be fun to "pay it forward".

Now I see I have some more blogs to check out too- if they're as light and cheery as yours, it will be a pleasure!

Wendren said...

Thank you for the award. It is always great to know that people enjoy reading what I write. :)
Have a great weekend,

edward and lilly said...

Thank you so much Marian, I just got back from my trip and this is lovely to come back to.