Wednesday, 17 September 2008

On my desk wednesday!

Wednesday again.... I know, I sound like a broken record... but I always get mixed feelings about this post. Not because of the post itself, but because it makes me realize that we are in the middle of theweek...again. And that time passes by so fast! I know, I sound like an old woman... but it's true!
So, autumn is here. It is quite cold at night here and durign the day it doesnt get over, plenty of "fresh and cool" air. Which to me means:
1- baking
2-staying indoors more
3- taking the wool out and felting like crazy! :)

So that is what I've been doing. Baking muffins (not so good... a bit hard...they are gone anyways...)

I found this scarf I nunofelted last year with mocha and off white merino wool onto organza... it has a greatbubbly texture and some little "windows" where you can see the organza...well, I'm trying to embellish those windows by hand sewing a million little beads... :)

It will take a while really...... I better go make some tea...

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