Saturday, 3 October 2009

International Year of Natural Fibres- Day of Felt

I don' t know if you' ve heard already that this year, 2009, has been declared by the UN as the International Year of Natural Fibres. The goal here is to bring back attention to the 15 most used Natural fibres and their characteristics, and the fact that by supporting these fibres you are supporting some of the poorest farmers and herders in the world.
Those fibres, such as wool, silk, mohair, alpaca, Angora, camel...etc, I use for felting and spinning. So they are very important in my work and by extension, daily life.

On adittion, 3rd October was named "Day of Felt". On this day, feltmakers from all around the world will gather and produce a piece of handmade felt and later show it for their neighbourhood, town, city, family and friends to see, apreciate and learn about it.
Felt United is an effort started and directed by Ellis Vermeule and Cynthia Reynolds, to gather, organize and expose felt pieces produced this day around the world. The idea is that on artisans will make a piece following a theme (color wheel portion: red, orange and yellow) and later submit it (pictures) to be exhibited in a multimedia library of woolly works.

So, I started working on the piece I am submitting, not thinking especifically on this day, but because this portion of the color wheel -red, orange and yellow- is one that I like very much using. Just another work I thought, and if it works out, I will submit it.
I gathered all my reds, oranges, yellows (a bit of pink and fuchsia too). Merino, silk, silk rods, bamboo, linen, locks. Hand dyed wool, hand spun yarn. A large piece of cotton fabric for the base and a whole lot of time... My idea was just to paint with the whool. To build a huge piece of fabric with colors that merge into one and other. The starting piece was long and wide: 2,50m long by 80cm wide... ending up, after days of felting, at 1.90cm long x 50cm wide. It took a whole lot of felting. But the result is a very compact, even nuno felt with windows into the fabric, and on the wrong side (although both sides are worth showing) a myriad of waves made by the rouches and gatherings in the fabric, product of the fibres going through its weave with the felting motions. I find it beautiful and bright. It livens up the grey autumn sky.

Some details:

This is the best way I found to photograph it' s entirety:

...hanging from the clothes line...

It will make a fantastic warm yet light wrap for the coming months. Or a throw for the couch... While I was running around in the -already very sad looking- garden to take pictures, my neighbour followed me down the fence asking me how much it costed, if she could have it, what was it made of...and I got to tell the story, so I guess my part has been done. This one stays with me though...
Do visit those links up there: UN' s page on Natural Fibres. Lots to read and learn. Felt United' s page for a lot of interesting work from around the world.

Happy day Felters...


Anonymous said...

Que bueno Mariana, tenes brazos potentes y una mesa larga, para algo tan grande!
que tipo de tela usaste p/el nuno?
Hoy con mi grupo hacemos una instacion sobre un edificio.
Sil W

glasswork said...

beautiful colours

florcita said...

Sil... los brazos los tengo adoloridos! No, la mesa es normal... enrosco ;) Use algodon finito para la base. Era en realidad una cortina. mostra lo que hacen despues!
Claudia thanks!

florcita said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
lucsonico fieltro said...

Està re buena, en realidad, la idea de que muchas personas en este dìa estèn haciendo algo referido al fieltro. Une de una manera muy sana y creativa, no?
En mi caso fueron unas florcitas para regalar a la gente...
Bueno, que tengas un lindo dìa del fieltro Mariana!!

eralamaga said...

hola!! vuelvo a pasar por aca, y me encuentro con mas cosas lindas! envidiable esa habilidad! feliz dia para todas las fieltreras/artistas!!!
besos, lucia

meandering pearl said...

How stunning! i especially love the photos you took!
lovely thoughts

Thongbai Tatong said...

So bight and lovely. I know now how I can take a picture of my long scarf: hanging it on the cloth line;)

Thongbai Tatong said...

Oh I mean "bright". Lolzzz

florcita said...

lucsonico No se tu nombre real jajaja pero si, es muy lindo pensar que en todos lados habia gente pensando en este mismo evento. QUe lindo florcitas...estan en tu blog? alla voy...
Lucia ajajaj mas que habilidad es persistencia! ajajaja
Pearl thanks! The photos sometimes are tricky but, aftter about 100, these are nice :)
TT see! glad I could give you an idea!!ahahaha

Julia Rossi said...

Hola Mariana, hoy te hago una vista a tu blog!!! Yo colgadisima como siempre pase el 3 de octubre comiendo un asado riquisimo con un día de sol esplendido!!!! aunque me puse unos aritos de fieltro ....bue no fue muy jugado que digamos. Tu amasado me humilla!!!!
Te aviso Lucsonico es el blog de Andrea una amiga Uruguaya que cruzó el charco e hizo el curso conmigo y ya me superó!!!! es un encanto de persona.

Besote Julia

florcita said...

Buuuuuenas Julia... yo hubiera elegido el asado tambien! ajajajaj Ahora se quien es! Andrea la uruguaya... la veo en tu blog (y su blog) pero no me acordaba el nombre...medio gaga ando...

Barbara said...

Que linda!!!!!!
Me incanta!!

Elizabeth said...

It's lovely! The colors remind me of poppies.

The part about your neighbor is quite amusing.

florcita said...

barbara Grazie ragazza!
elizabeth Poppies indeed! Neighbor now asks me everyday if I can make one for her, or teach her... or just give her that one... hahhaa not a problem, if only I had time to do all of that before I leave!

Lily Pang said...

This is so beautiful! I love the details and too pity I cannot see it in person.

florcita said...

Lily You will have to come over Lily :)

Anonymous said...

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