Sunday, 19 October 2008

Tidying up...

I was looking around my own shops today in DaWanda and Etsy. I've talked to lots of people whom check stats and favorites daily or even a few times a day/hour :) I don't have anything against that, it is just that I...forget. Basically.

I do so many things on a daily basis, and many end up in the shops (and so many more, don't): illustrations, cards, hand felted items, handpainted totes, handpainted tiles, brooches, etc. And the thing is that I never intended for the shop to look like a bazaar... you know, one of those places in every picture of Maroocco where there are a million different things in every cm of the shop. To tell you the truth, I love Bazaars. The colors, the smells, the treasures one can find if one stays long enough.
But anyway, I thought, Im going to delete some stuff...but checking stats, they are all sort of the same, they are all hearted or marked as favorites so... I don't know how to choose! And then again, considering that DaWanda doesn't charge (yet) for listing...why not just leave them... dunno.
On the very last page I found these:

The Heart handbag: nunofelted bag (wool felted onto fabric)

The Red Bowl
The Swirly leaf bowl

The Red Heart Pouch, excellent for your small Moleskine agenda:

Same idea as the one above, but with leaves in different purple tones:
It's the Leaves pouch.

...And some more... like these handpainted cups:

Florecillas cups:

And the Pajarito (little bird in spanish) cups. The birds were just, as I was fiddling around with the items, sold to a client in India, so... they have a long trip ahead!

I feel like my daily life is represented in these shops. I can remember the moments when i made all these things and how much I learnt... I guess in a few months i will be talking about the insanely amount of things i am making with all these beads i have! hahaha ... is there such a thing as bead-addiction? If I told you that I have now boxes of them, would you look weird at me?...should I see a shrink? :) Retail therapy!

have a nice sunday!


Magriet said...

Hi Marian. I have tagged you :) Have a look at my blog for details.

Lily Pang said...

Your bird is so fancy and cute! It is nice everywhere.

Marian said...

Hey Magriet! Iĺl drop by your blog later today!
Thanks lily!

Art By MAR said...

All of your things are so nice. I like the idea of a Bazaar (and variety) too. So I think you should leave all your items in your shops.

Marian said...

Hey art by mar! thanks for leving a comment. I love bazaars... I would live in one! Apparently though, is not the right thing in the "e-commenrce world"... but what do they know, right?