Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Cherries and sunny treasures...

...and what about monday?? don't know... I don't think I noticed it going by... It's dark so early now that by the time I got home at around 5, and started cooking, the day felt completely gone. Done.
I have a whole lot of photographing to do today. The last weak rays of sun from the autumn are trying to lighten things up, but before that...a couple more necklaces:

Sunny treasures in a string:


Passionate cherries:

Lots of different beads. Hand felted ones, glass, seed, wood, metalic, acrylicum, hand made polymer clay beads... They are long ...quite long, and they do have a clasp so if you want, you can wear them long, or maybe turn and turn around your arm for a thick bracelet, or neck and have a very thick rich necklace.
What I like the most about these lot of necklaces is that they don't have a conscious pattern. I was just stringing beads. That spontaneity make them look quite interesting and full of treasures...lots of tiny beads to find... which would make them great necklaces for when you are bored at work...hahahaha hmmmm let's see what I can find today! :)

They are both in my shops now!




Tweed Delights said...

Hi! Lovely necklaces - thanks for visiting me :-)

painted fish studio said...

the combination of beads and felt is so lovely!

Marian said...

Tweed delights, you are welcome!
Fishy, I like it too. Thanks. Only felt looks a bit boring to me, this way is more interesting!

Lily Pang said...

These are perfect for winter. They matches dark color winter cloth nicely.

edward and lilly said...

I love the yellow one, it's so bright and sunny.

Marian said...

Lily, that was the idea. To give a bit of light to the very dark winter!
Edward and lilly, love the yellow one too... so many different things going on there!

Monika L. said...

Marian, your necklaces are beautiful! I am surprised how well go the tiny glass beads with chunky felt ones! Just right combinations, well done!