Friday, 12 June 2009

it looked like autumn

it looked like autumn
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Well, it did! For a whole week it rained and it was cold and a bit misserable really. I know the garden needed some water so it wasn't all bad... but I went into autumn mode: baking, wearing long sleeves, grabbing a blancky and watching movies and... using wool of warm colors and macking bowls.
The Lily pods are from our own garden. We have two enormous lily plants (wild ones...well, we didn't plant them!) and I ussually keep the seeds either for decoration or for other poeple whom might want some yellow lilies at home!
Three of these pics show bowls made with camel fleece. I got a bag a while back and now gave it a try. It's quite expensive but really nice. There are other types of wools which have this same sort of caramel/camel color -and are a bit cheaper- that are good for more structural pieces too.

So, sun is out and a friend is picking me up to go spend the afternoon in Maastricht, probably my favorite city in The Netherlands. Off I go! Have a nice weekend!


Chrissie said...

these are too beautiful to be true - I love the autumn colours! hope you had a nice time in Maastricht.

Tweed Delights said...

I love the sculptural shape of the bowls - and I quite like the idea of going into Autumn mode, well it's a good excuse to watch some cool movies :) Happy Weekend!

terracota said...

bellisimos, calidos!!
felicitaciones y buen finde!!!

Miss Gina Designs said...

Very nice! Love them!

Julia Rossi said...

Hola Mariana, que linda es esta lana!!!! son muy bellos esos cuencos. En los cursos que estoy dando estamos trabajando unos bolsos pequeños y unos cuencos que nos estan saliendo muy bien. Estan en la etapa de aprendizaje, pero muy linda experiencia.
Que bueno el workshop que mostras en el blog. Yo sigo averiguando en Canadá ya que estoy gestionando la beca. Hay un instistuto técnológico textil muy interesante. Después te mando las páginas.