Monday, 29 June 2009

Ceramics Market in Maaseik, Belgium

Ceramics Market in Maaseik, Belgium
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Yesterday we woke up early, like every day... 3yr old son doesn't understand "it's sunday, what are you doing up at 6am!" ...anyway, we went to the Ceramics Market in Maaseik, which is the first belgian city accross the border from where I live. The good thing about going that early is that we found parking space and it was somewhat easy to walk and look. By the time we left at 11.30 it was packed full with people and looking at things was not an easy task.
I really liked seeing the variety of styles and methods peope in the area (Belgium, Netherlands and Germany) use. Big stuff, small stuff. Statues and also kitchenware. Raku, engobes, oxides, salt and sugar glazings; fire pit ovens, electrical ovens and so much more.
A very nice market, worth the visit if you are in the area.
The city of Maaseik ( is a very nice one too. Very old. You can see in the architecture that this was a very rich city once. Of course it is also the birthplace of Hubert and Jan van Eyck (15thcentury) considered -especially the second- one of the best painters of the time. It is said that Jan van Eyck invented -or improved- the use of oil paints.

Anyway, a nice way to spend a sunday morning, topped with a yummy belgian beer before heading home.

Yes, beer in the morning... almost noon... it's Belgium, it is mandatory to drink beer there! :)


ingermaaike said...

Oh that does indeed sound like a day very well spent!

viltk said...

Maaseik is indeed a very nice town! I have worked there several days....

painted fish studio said...

thank you so much for the "tour"! i wish i could have gone in person!

Marian said...

Inger... arts are always worth the trip, right?
Kim, next year we will go together... we'll make a day of it!
Fishy, somday maybe! :)

ArtMind said...

It's been a few years since I visited the market. I went a few years in a row and then decided it was the same again every year.
So count me in on next year, Marian and Kim! :)
Oh, and I love a good Belgian beer of course!

Marian said...

We all love a good belgian beer Mitsy! ahahaha