Saturday, 20 June 2009

hand spun and knitted

hand spun and knitted
Originally uploaded by Marian Florcita

I bought some new zealand lamb merino wool in natural colors a while back with the intention to spin it. Veeery soft! Right, first I had to learn how to spin wool. As you might remeber, I got a wheel for my birthday (I still have to take a pic of that one!) Well, since then I've been working on the spinning part and it is a bit more tricky than what I thought, but still a lot of fun. I am learning to make it as even as possible however, I really like those irregular yarns with thick chuncky bits and thin ones... I just like the texture.
I've been working on some stuff which combines different methods to work with wool: felting, knitting, crochet and weaving. I now have to put everything together........ scaaaary hahahaa

Anyway, spinning wool gives a brak everynow and then from the felting soapy hands. One can also watch a movie in the meantime... which is what I'm off to do.


ingermaaike said...

OOoooh you have it! I wanna see!

And a big congrats as well :-D

Tweed Delights said...

Oh Wow! So you actually handspun the wool in the picture and are now knitting it up? I love the irregular texture too. Are these wooden knitting needles? I'll have to try some. I think I'm talking too much and asking too many questions, hehe! :) So cool!

florcita said...

Inger... I got a second hand one. Wheel and carding brushes for less than 100euros!

Tweedy, I actually spun the wool in the pic. Those are bamboo needles. They are incredibly light. Very nice. Im used to the metallic ones so these were different. :)

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaaaaa I love how it looks! and I have to say I envy you my dear... I can't wait to see this project with mixed stuff... congrats!

Weird said...

Ahhaaa - so you've been infected by the mean spinning virus, too! I tell you, there's no cure ;-)


Tweed Delights said...

You have been awarded the Honest Scrap Award! - just check back to my blog if you want to accept :) No obligation though!

Marian said...

Ana... no envidie. vas a tener que venirte aca a hilar un rato :)
Weird...yes, mean mean bug. I've got the wheel in the middle of the living room, wool all over the place (mixed with legos from my kid) and I can not stop. Having fun though! :)

Tweedy! thanks! on my way!

ArtMind said...

Oh, I love chunky yarn too! The texture is fantastic! Happy spinning! :)

Lily Pang said...

Hi Mariana, It's so nice to cathup with you again! Your blog is always interesting to me and I love to see the yummy bread, the wool pot and the bike, and the knitting.

Ruth said...

Sounds great. Would love to try that one day...and to have something you can do while you sit and watch a movie sounds like a nice activity too! Just looking at your photo makes me want to feel it - can you put a "feel" widget on your blog? :-D

Marian said...

Mitsy, it looks good and ya know what's best... it kinda knits faster :)
Lily hey!!!!! Glad you liked the posts!
Ruth, it's actually quite entertaining. Not very easy... but very nice,
hahaha I'll put smilies so you can express yourself!!