Wednesday, 18 March 2009

On my desk Wednesday...wool

On my desk Wednesday...wool
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Why isn't she posting? they ask... well, because Im working and working....
Here, the proof!

1Grey and red's a huuuuge soft and warm wrap, made of pure merino wool with swilrls made of hand spun (by yours truly) red yarn.
2 Red shibori scarf: my first attempt with shibori dyeing...I left it quite simple, just some circles, and yet it didn't work in every circle. Some have a white middle some not... this was hand felted with white merino and bamboo and later dyed with "pagoda red" dye.
3 Yarndyefelt: lacking of a better name... this is a scarf, thin but long, which was again hand felted with white merino and yarn. Later I dyed it with tangerine orange, pagoda red and golden touch....or yellow :) Since it was the first time I was dyeing anything, it didn't quite work out the way I wanted because all the colors blended. I like the result though, there are lighter spots and darker ones but all in shades of red.
4 spinning: I recently bought some wool just to give spinning (drop spindle) a go... and that is the result. Not enough for knitting anything, but it will be used anyway...

None of these are completely done, so as I finish them, I will show you. Just a teaser this!

Red is my fave color (not too hard to notice) and such a hard color to photograph!


luy said...

que guay tengo ganas de hacer cosas como las que haces tu ,ya vi tus fotos en fir, me gusta todoooooooooooooooo

florcita said...

ajajajja Luy! Vos le levantas el animo a cualquiera!
Bueno, ya sabes... si hay algo en lo que pueda ayudar... conseguiste lugares donde comprar lana?? En mi website ( hay un link para contacto, digo...por si necesitas escribir mail ;)